Playing “Shoot & Run: Western” you are obtaining:

  • height-quality graphics;
  • true Wild West atmosphere;
  • interesting gameplay;
  • battles with variable bosses;
  • endless game mode;
  • a bunch of quests and achievements;
  • free bonuses;
  • large arsenal and personalization;

Wild West

Thanks to high-quality graphics, discreet music and themed obstacles on your dangerous, full of surprises path you will be able to fully enjoy the Wild West’s atmosphere. Vehicles, cacti, revolvers, a variety of locations and the horse, which rides your cowboy – all this will help to lose yourself in the Wild West atmosphere.

Run, shoot, jump and run

You face taking down villains, jumping through the cacti, deviating bandits’ bullets, collecting bonuses from bombed hogsheads, to slip under wagons, and more. If you like exciting adventures, the 3D runner Shoot & Run: Western is just what you need.

Plenty of improvements and hero’s adjustments

As a Cowboy you also will be able to ride on a bull that will give you invulnerability for some time and the ability to overcome any obstacles. Collecting coins along the way, you will have the opportunity to purchase multiple bonuses’ improvements, weapons, hats and discover new characters. Extraordinary Stetsons and other prizes can be obtained free of charge from the chest, which is available to each player.

Various levels and Complexities

Currently we developed 10 exciting, full of adventure, levels. Each has 3 difficulty levels: try hardcore games on the third level of complexity. The very few “parkour” games can offer such opportunity. It’s worth remarking that walking through the 5th level of the story, you will get an access to the endless games.

Additional information

You can download the game Shoot&Run:Western for free in the Play Market, and App Store.
Developer: Elementals Studio
Version Android: Android 4.0 or above
Version iOS: 7 or above
Facebook: Shoot&Run

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