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Full cycle of software development.

We have vast experience and expertise with web and mobile applications,
services, products, user interfaces and user experience design

Also we provide IT project management services and outsource software development services.

Our key areas of expertise:

Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for enterprises based on php, ruby, python, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Complex software development for multiple platforms: PC/MAC, Web, Mobile – iOS & Android

Interactive 3D systems and e-commerce solutions powered by Unity 3D, WebGL, Google Project Tango

Virtual and Augmented reality business and entertainment solutions and applications for Oculus Rift, Mobile platforms (iOS & Android) and Google Project Tango

Development of advanced data analysis software and high load systems based on C++, C#, php, python, PostgreSQL, Oracle

Our working process:

Gathering client requirements and business analysis

The path to a successful project starts with paying close attention to your needs, understanding your business and your market niche, your target customers and their behaviour. Therefore, we sought to determine your needs, so we could easily go to the next step of creating a clear and successful strategy for the project.

Creating a strategy

Formation of a more complete vision of the problem, iterative implementation of the basic architecture of the system, the creation of the most critical components (resolution of high risks). Defining the requirements and designing them in a system for a more realistic estimation of the complexity of the project and deadlines.

Product specification and design

We do not accept ready-made templates and solutions. Each development is unique and is the result of the efforts of a whole team of qualified and creative people, including programmers, designers, copywriters, managers, lawyers and other professionals.

Software development

We develop server-side and front-end solutions. We have vast experience with mobile applications on all platforms, data mining and analysis, 3D modelling and web development. We treat your project like it’s our own and always aim to achieve maximum quality. Our team of professional engineers has a background with the largest enterprises in the world. And now we are ready to develop your software project.

Overall project management and control

We find out every detail – exactly what the customer wants. Because the main concept of our work – personal and attentive approach to each and every customer. Only after that we think through a strategy of work and align it with the client, proceed to develop a solution. We manage the whole project from start to finish.

Full system testing

Finally, we test the final product, ensuring its perfect work without any errors or failures. We seek to make an application that fully meets the specifications and business needs of the client.

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