Main benefits

  • Reduce training costs. Minimize expensive live trainig using visual, interactive, portable and mobile solutions
  • Learn by doing. Use 3D interactivity to turn passive elearning into active hands on practice!
  • Train anytime anywhere. Mobile and touch focuesd. Simple, intuitive and stunning visual quality. You can even train online
  • Portable, scalable and modular. All our solutions are custom made for our clients based on our uniqe patented technology engine. We provide turn-key services.

Areas of application


Why 3D interactivity?

Today’s Operations and Maintenance (O&M) training courses are outdated, overwhelming, and disconnected from real world experiences. They don’t relay information as an instructor would, in a live interactive training session. However, live sessions are expensive, hard to schedule, and not scalable.

Our interactive training and simulation solutions empower workers and students to practice on virtual equipment that is replicated in form & function, allowing them to ‘learn by doing’ anytime, anywhere. This in turn, empowers companies to accelerate user learning, reduce training costs and decrease expensive live training by being Visual, Interactive and Portable.

Learn by doing?

Unlike static text or images, 3D interactivity adds unprecedented depth to training and technical publications by turning passive observers into active, hands-on participants. Instructional information is displayed as 3D interactive content that mirrors the real world in both ‘form’ and ‘function’. Simply put, this means it looks like the real thing, and acts like it.

Most 3D interactive training available for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) is just step-by-step instruction. We offer true-to-life immersive scenarios to troubleshoot faults as they would occur in the real world. Multiple modes of instruction to Explore, Study, Practice and Evaluate.

Lower Training Costs

Reduce the travel costs, facility expense, and instructor fees associated with live training. No need to print paper-based materials or ship equipment to and from each location. Train distributed workforces to perform complex tasks with less risk to staff or equipment Anytime, Anywhere on WEB, PC, MOBILE & TABLETS.
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Turn-key Solution

Our team of specialists is always ready to study your business and develop
the best possible solution for your unique needs.
We analyze, develop and implement full solutions!

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