Home interior/exterior design and
architecture visualizations for your business

Main benefits:

  • Show your client the final plan! Live!
  • Stunning 3D content across all platforms
  • Easier to plan, easier to sell!
  • Realtime floor plan

Features of interactive 3d home
design and walkthroughs

Expansive 3D Environments

Leveraging technology and design, we create virtual landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. We make your project shine in its future home.

Interactive 3D floor and surrounding territory plans

Explore and customize floorplans for homes or condos in full 3D. This experience make customers comfortable in knowing exactly the way their future home is going to feel.

Detailed Architectural Models

We create highly detailed and accurate models to bring all the attention to your project. We capture the essence of your development, and ensure that it shines through to your customers

3D Material Configurators

Allow your customers to preview different materials and finishes in real-time 3D, swapping out colors on the fly to find their perfect match.

Interior Design Tools

Draw out a floorplan, and watch the walls become fully 3D. Select finishes, paint colors, and materials. Place furniture to help design and visualize the layout. Take the guesswork out of interior design

Areas of application



Architecture and planning





Decorating & Accessories

It’s easy to transform the look of any room with the latest furniture and accessories. There are thousands of Library objects for interior design. Download free Library items from our 3D Library to accessorize your designs.

Colors, Materials & Textures

Use the Material Painter and Color Chooser to quickly change wall colors, flooring styles and countertops to visualize your interior space in 3D. Choose name brands or create custom colors and materials from a digital photo.

Electrical & Lighting Plans

Add natural and man-made lighting. Place light fixtures, adjust light intensity, define time of day and location (latitude/longitude) to visualize the most realistic lighting effects. Create an entire electrical plan complete with a circuit diagram.

Visualize & Design in 3D

Place and arrange walls, windows, doors, and interior accessories. Design your rooms and create your ideal floor plan layout.

Floor Plans & Space Planning

Use the Home Designer tools to create floor plan variations and generate your ideal room layout. Design your living room, kitchen or master bedroom and accessorize with furniture to create your ideal room layout with Home Designer’s interior design software tools.

3D Visualization of Your Rooms

Create 3D models and virtual tours in minutes. Often the most challenging part of designing or remodeling is visualizing how your finished project will look.

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