• Presenting history in an interactive way with 3D virtual reconstructions, scenes, halls, artifacts and exhibits
  • Teaching history and science to both children and adults with elements of interactivity
  • Storing a vast amount of information for future generations and giving everyone access from anywhere anytime

Applicable for all kinds of organizations from museums and galleries, to multinational companies, sports organizations and historical societies

For anyone who has something to show to the world!

Some examples of our Digital museums for PC/MAC


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Preservation of historical and cultural heritage:

  1. preservation of historical and cultural heritage for future generations;
  2. visualization of information archives;
  3. unlimited number of exhibits and artifacts.
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Using modern innovative technology:

  1. modern innovative approach — 3d scanning of museum objects and their subsequent placement in interactive virtual halls;
  2. visitors ability to touch museum artifacts “with their own hands”, consider them from all angles and sides;
  3. access from mobile platforms.
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Access from anywhere
in the world, 24/7:

  1. free access for all;
  2. no need for a physical building;
  3. display of materials and objects that are stored in the museum storerooms;
  4. easy to use for all age groups;
  5. projects carried out in any language.


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  1. effect of integrated presence and media for young users;
  2. online virtual 3D scenes and expositions;
  3. all exhibits are digitized and represented as 2D or 3D model;
  4. visualization of archives of various types of information;
  5. interactive virtual guide;
  6. simple navigation (free movement and an interactive map);
  7. integration with all popular social networks;
  8. mobile applications for popular platforms;
  9. cloud archive of exhibits.

How we make it

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    3D scanning
    of historical artifacts

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    Creation of
    3D virtual

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    Set up the interactive

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For any device

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The Digital Museum or Historical Reconstruction work on all platforms form web version for PC and MAC to mobile applications for iOS and Android. All features are capable of running smoothly on you platform of choice.

even works with Oculus Rift

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The product is also compatible with Oculus Rift. You can easily give your 3D world an unforgetable experience by running the Digital Museum within the virtual reality headset.