3D scanners are used by the entertainment industry to create digital 3D models for movies, video games and leisure purposes. They are heavily utilised in virtual cinematography. In cases where a real-world equivalent of a model exists, it is much faster to scan the real-world object than to manually create a model using 3D modeling software. Frequently, artists sculpt physical models of what they want and scan them into digital form rather than directly creating digital models on a computer.

Cultural heritage

There have been many research projects undertaken via the scanning of historical sites and artifacts both for documentation and analysis purposes. We widely use 3D scanning for our digital museums in combination with our 3D technology.Also the combined use of 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies allows the replication of real objects without the use of traditional plaster casting techniques, that in many cases can be too invasive for being performed on precious or delicate cultural heritage artifacts. The resulting digital 3D model may be fed to a rapid prototyping machine to create a real resin replica of the original object.


  • As-built drawings of Churches, Bridges, Industrial Plants, Monuments, etc.
  • Documentation of historical sites
  • Site modelling and layouting
  • Quality control

Design process

  • Increasing accuracy working with complex parts and shapes
  • Coordinating product design using parts from multiple sources
  • Replacing missing or older parts

Benfits of 3D scanning

Our goal is to bring stunning, immersive 3D content to the world in all shapes and forms.

  • The output is an exact 3D copy of the exhibit
  • Save the model in 3 dimensions with the possibility of replication
  • Non-invasive method – no contact with the exhibits
  • Using 3D models for restoration of original exhibits
  • Creating an archive of 3D models – the preservation of historical heritage
  • Ability to view exhibits from all slides and all angles

To achieve the best quality each model goes through several stages of optimization.

The process of 3D scanning

3D scanning

Set up the exhibit in the real world and perform the 3D scanning process using our modern equipment

Assembly of the model

Assemble and optimize the 3D model

Ready 3D model

Use the 3D model anywhere you want!

We use only the best equipment.
It is ideal for working with
objects of cultural heritage

Artek EVA – professional scanner for working with

large and medium exhibits in color.

Artek Spider – professional scanner for working with

medium and small exhibits in color.

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