Augmented reality market network
for home design and improvement

  • No more markers
  • No more AR area limits
  • No more limits on 3D models in your AR scene

Only stunning visual quality and you imagination!

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Design and preview in AR

Create your own custom home design in high quality 3D Augmented reality right on the spot at home and see how well everything fits;

Choose from a wide variety of home furnishing products

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Find home professionals

Download full 3D augmented reality designs from professionals and apply it to your home instantly

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AR overlay and replace

Overlay and supplement your existing rooms in AR with new products;

Change colors of walls and floor in full AR

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AR How-to manuals

How-to manuals for your DIY home improvement and furniture assembly

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Marketplace for shopping

We are a marketplace – you can buy the products from your home design right from the app

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Social, local, mobile

Share your design with friends and ask for advice;

Reviews and rating for designers;

Inspire and get inspired!

AR home improvement functionality

  • An out-of-the-box AR solution for home improvement. Now you can see products at home before actually buying them!
  • View all the products in actual real-life size and from all possible angles in high quality 3D and see all the relevant additional information, client reviews and ratings. You can view the furniture and other goods from different angles and try out different colors. 100% accuracy with Google Project Tango devices!
  • Download ready designs from professional designers and apply them to your home instantly!
  • Personalize products right on the spot! Make full plans of kitchens and living rooms. No more arriving home from the store only to find your new couch is too big for your space or the dining room chairs you bought are too short for your table!
  • Home interior design helping wizard – intellectual assistant.
  • Overlay existing furniture, walls, floor, etc. in AR. Build a new design over your existing room!
  • AR how-to manuals for your DIY home improvement.

The perfect instrument for your home design and DIY home improvement

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Home AR designer benefits for everyone

For customers

  1. See your home design in full Augmented reality before starting your home improvement process! 3D configuration of your home interior in augmented reality. Walk around the room freely and see the furniture from all sides and angles;
  2. Buy AR room designs from designers and view them in your home instantly! Recommend furniture and tips to friends. Inspire and be inspired! Post likes, share designs with your friends via social media, rate their designs and view them in your own room.

For manufacturers

  1. Engage your customers at their homes with your full products catalog using Google Project Tango technology and our AR app. Offer a truly unique service;
  2. Save money and time on returns! Clients will know beforehand that the product matches their home;
  3. Increasing conversion while minimizing returns;
  4. Use app in actual store – save storage space, time and effort for your staff and still showcase all your products in an easier and faster way!

For designers

  1. Create and share your designs with customers;
  2. Increase project velocity by using the best tools;
  3. Become an AR design consultant – offer a unique service to your clients – bring your design to their home through AR using our Tango devices;
  4. Convenient tools for the promotion of your services to a wider audience;
  5. Social media integration – receive more brand promotion and increase your customer loyalty

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