Restaurants are the fastest growing global industry. In fact, their sales reached almost $1.2 trillion in 2020, despite the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Despite the increasing demand for fast food and restaurant dining among the global populations, the industry is continuously searching for tools to provide extraordinary experiences in terms of food quality, taste, and hospitality. Augmented reality is a powerful new technology, but it is undoubtedly affecting a wide range of industries. Many restaurateurs use this
Post-pandemic, any retailer, anywhere in the world, would want to do one thing and one thing alone: re-build what they lost in the course of one very tumultuous year—a year that was bad for business. And if you don’t know it yet, there’s one foolproof way of creating value and cutting a name for yourself in the industry at the same time: through AR. Augmented Reality might not be recognized as the futuristic game-changer that
We’re living in a world of endless digital transformations and innovations. From NASA’s 5th rover Perseverance successfully landing Mars to robotic cars, it’s safe to say the Internet of Behaviors surrounds us. Augmented reality bridges the gap between the physical and fictional world through superimposed images and digital data with human capability. Despite being in its infancy, AR is projected to one of the most successful technologies, which will affect companies in every industry in multiple ways, including social enterprises
The fashion industry is an incredibly fast-paced business world with fierce competition between brands, creators, designers, and manufacturers. Each clothing and apparel company is looking for ways to create a lasting impact on consumers by helping them express their unique fashion tastes, style, and individualism. As a result, there’s a large pool of buyers attracted to smaller companies that understand their clothing and styling needs. However, thanks to the Internet of Things, there are some marketing
Everyone’s talking about Augmented Reality these days. It’s a viral technology buzzword for creators and business owners looking to increase their credibility and profits. What started as games and entertainment has now extraordinary prospects in healthcare, construction, education, and advertising. In fact, this technology will undoubtedly change the way digital marketing functions in the 21st century. A rising number of companies continue to adopt digital advertisement strategies to reach a wider group of potential customers.