Quick to jump on the augmented reality app development train are key stakeholders and leaders in the automotive industry like Mercedes and Land Rover. This is because the innovative tool emerges as a relevant and useful solution to the present design needs in user interaction for cars. We are progressing toward expanding our horizons when it comes to automated vehicles and futuristic design. It’s not just about optimal safety and navigation, although those are prime
Initially, much of the conversation around 3D technology revolved around the impact on the entertainment and gaming industry. People were raving about 3D movies and virtual gaming attracted masses all over the world. There was more emphasis on using AR and VR based applications for the purpose of making it more visually appealing for cinematic and gaming enthusiasts. Some of the highest grossing 3D moviesencouraged movie makers to attract audiences by giving them the immersive
Showing record growth over a few years, the Augmented Reality market is estimated to be worth nearly $61 billion by 2023. Needless to say, this advanced technology is here to stay, infiltrating numerous industries, including the training and education sector. AR technology adds an enhanced layer of interactivity over physical surfaces, making learning more immersive and interactive! Studies show that 70% parents already believe that AR technology has the capability to revolutionize the education system by:
We’ve explored the benefits of AR technology in creating the ultimate user experience for all kinds of businesses. Social media apps like Snapchat and games like Pokémon Go have also shown us the extent to which this technology can make it possible for the entertainment industry to grow and flourish. Recent trends in educational development show that AR is being seamlessly integrated into educational environments and making an impact on the learning process for children. This
In today’s digital age, consumers have more ways and places to shop than ever before. As of 2020, there are as many as 24 million active eCommerce sites across the globe—and more are being created as you read this.   While this abundance of options is great for consumers, the increased competition in the industry has made it extremely challenging for eCommerce businesses to survive and thrive. In order to stay relevant, they need to constantly