Massive improvement of the online infrastructure and the widespread availability of smart phones are just two of the reasons behind the proliferation of the e-commerce market across the world. In fact, experts predict that by 2040, 95% of the purchases made will be online and current e-commerce platforms will rise from 24 million and above. Moreover, the number of digital buyers are steadily increasing as well, and have crossed the 2 billion mark this year
In an age when 5G data networking is underway and AI-as-a-service is transforming the landscape of commerce, augmented reality (AR) continues to take industries by a storm. The market for AR applications currently stands at $3.5 billion of net worth. In 2020, 1 billion more users are expected to add to the existing pool. In fact, when it comes to comparing augmented reality with its close counterpart—virtual reality—, it’s expected to accumulate greater revenues than VR this year! Seeing
People like attention. From being asked about their likes and dislikes, favorite movies and meals, to best vacation memory—they want to feel heard! And smart businesses are willing to give that to their customers. E-commerce needs to be more than a user-friendly website. The online portal is quite literally the face of your business; the more interactive, the better. Which is why AR applications and product configurations can retain online users better than anything. Here
The scope for augmented reality is reaching far ahead gaming and entertainment and an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the value of augmented reality in their marketing strategies. Moreover, with more widespread awareness about the benefits of augmented reality, it’s imperative to meet user’s demands and needs. Statistics show that the forecasted number of mobile augmented reality users in 2023 will reach a staggering figure of approximately 2.4 billion people. Businesses and brand developing
Whether it’s advertising or marketing a product or the shopping experience at large, using augmented reality as a visual aid to showcase products has a positive impact on sales for e-commerce businesses at large. Moreover, experts realize the significance of AR not just in improving conversion rates and boosting sales but also reducing the returns on products as well, the bane of e-commerce purchases. According to research, 22% customers reported to be more interesting in making