A large proportion of consumers are turning into digital buyers, largely because it allows them to shop anytime of the day and from anywhere. If you run an e-commerce business, this means it’s imperative that you devise a convenient shopping experience to ensure growth and expansion. While swift shipping services and hassle-free returns play a huge role in curating the online experience, integrating innovative digital tools like 3D product configuration is equally important. Not only
Augmented reality is a relatively new technology, but and due to rapid advancements, business owners are realizing the importance of a thoughtfully selected AR strategy. Most augmented reality interventions utilize digital information, superimposing it on physical reality using a camera. The end goal of AR services is to drive business growth while also engaging customers. Here are some things you need to take into consideration when devising an AR solution for your customers: Current demand
Up until only a decade ago, you might have heard of 3D technology making waves solely in the gaming and entertainment industry. Virtual reality games were all the rage, as were 3D movies because they added entertainment value by creating a truly immersive experience. However, with more significant innovation in technology, we have witnessed the integration of these user-friendly tools for online businesses. One of the emerging trends for retail in e-commerce shows an increasing interest in investing in
With an increase in a supply of configurable, customizable products with multi-options available by many e-commerce businesses, there is a higher demand for configurators.  Benefits of a 3D configurator A 3D product configurator holds many benefits for the company and can provide a competitive edge in the following ways: Automating quotation documentation thereby improving the process for generating pricing and specification and saving time for consumers Increase conversion ratesdue to more efficient services Significantly reduce errors Increase