It isn’t just the retail world that’s changing—the customers are also changing. While retail went from salesmen to billboards to emails, the customer went from malls to sales to their computer screens. It’s an arena that is constantly evolving with time—and the best retailers are those that know how to change and where to turn when the tide turns. As the customers change, so does retail and marketing—and Augmented Reality makes up for a big
The popular Pokemon Go app introduced most of us to the world of augmented reality as we began participating in virtual scavenger hunts in real-life locations. However, this technology isn’t restricted to games and movies anymore and is continually expanding into other industries such as publication, education, and of course, e-Commerce. The vast range of AR applications across numerous sectors technology amounted to $120 billion in 2020. It has disrupted the e-Commerce industry by offering personalized
The COVID-19 pandemic affected every global sector, including education. The rapid and unprecedented transition to remote learning brought forward multiple challenges for schools, teachers, students, and parents. Governments worldwide are not relying on new technologies to help students’ educational needs fit the new normal. Augmented and virtual reality can play a significant role in mitigating the problems of remote learning, including minimized socialization during studying, lack of functional interactions, academic dishonesty, and decreased engagement Read on
Restaurants are the fastest growing global industry. In fact, their sales reached almost $1.2 trillion in 2020, despite the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Despite the increasing demand for fast food and restaurant dining among the global populations, the industry is continuously searching for tools to provide extraordinary experiences in terms of food quality, taste, and hospitality. Augmented reality is a powerful new technology, but it is undoubtedly affecting a wide range of industries. Many restaurateurs use this
Post-pandemic, any retailer, anywhere in the world, would want to do one thing and one thing alone: re-build what they lost in the course of one very tumultuous year—a year that was bad for business. And if you don’t know it yet, there’s one foolproof way of creating value and cutting a name for yourself in the industry at the same time: through AR. Augmented Reality might not be recognized as the futuristic game-changer that
We’re living in a world of endless digital transformations and innovations. From NASA’s 5th rover Perseverance successfully landing Mars to robotic cars, it’s safe to say the Internet of Behaviors surrounds us. Augmented reality bridges the gap between the physical and fictional world through superimposed images and digital data with human capability. Despite being in its infancy, AR is projected to one of the most successful technologies, which will affect companies in every industry in multiple ways, including social enterprises