Digital advancements have changed the face of marketing forever. Where a brick and mortar store would put up posters to market their products, now a simple social media marketing strategy can inform the audience about a business. This evolution of digital marketing has also come about with the introduction of e-commerce. Buying and selling products on the internet hasn’t just transformed customer experience, but it has also changed the way we do business. Statistics show
The augmented reality market is expanding continually and is expected to reach the $70 billion mark in the next three years. Companies from a wide variety of industries are interested in investing in innovative AR technology to enhance the customer experience. One of the most prominent trends for e-commerce businesses is also greater focus on optimizing websites to incorporate AR features and make them more smart phone friendly. Retailers are benefitting from AR in a number of
  Augmented reality is transforming the retail world and lending a significant role to the evolution of the e-commerce platform in 2020. Industry leaders in automation, healthcare, furniture, beauty and fashion and much more are working tirelessly to integrate augmented reality solutions to bump up conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction. However, it’s just as important for brands to take into consideration the benefits of AR in their marketing strategies. It helps them engage with their
Tech giants like Apple and Facebook have embraced augmented reality massively with the latter working on improving the AR features on itsin-app camera to be able to recognize objects and animate them as well. Augmented reality will soon seep its way into every facet of our lives and one of the industries that have used it for maximum potential is undoubtedly retail. From home improvement to beauty and fashion, various e-commerce brands have taken the lead
Gone are the days when designers had to use sheets after sheets of paper to perfect their product design. With the advancements in digital technology, a few clicks can get the job done. But what if product designers could take it to the next level? Augmented Reality gives product designers the ability to see the mockups of their designs overlaid into the real world with the help of an app. A survey conducted with IT