Are you planning to incorporate augmented reality into your restaurant business? Great idea! Research has shown that augmented reality boosts the buyer’s confidence by providing a detailed display of products, unlike traditional pictures. Staying up to date with the latest technology can help your food business adapt and thrive in a competitive environment. Here’s how restaurants and food businesses can integrate AR into their business model. AR Food Menu You can create a seamless customer experience by
AR has, to a large extent, made our physical world a digital one. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been an 87% increase in social media usage. AR has a huge role in this new world; things that can no longer be experienced in the physical world can be explored digitally using AR technology. How AR Works For Face Modification Apps AR—or augmented reality—is a technology that uses a smartphone’s camera to add
Ever heard of Looksery? No? Understandable, it isn’t as popular as mainstream platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. But interestingly, Looksery, a Ukrainian startup, was the first to introduce features like real-time face tracking and face modification. In 2015, Snapchat bought Looksery, and soon after, they introduced Lenses and have since then used AR technology to create more than 3,000 filters for Snapchat users. What’s with The Hype? Filters and AR effects have gained immense popularity since they
Are you planning to use three-dimensional images to market your new product line? That’s precisely the strategy you should adopt! Research has shown that 32 percent of customers use augmented reality, while 73 percent of mobile AR consumers are very satisfied with mobile AR experiences. Many marketers transform their business and advertising campaigns by incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality features to create an engaging customer experience. Here’s how you can make a name for yourself by
Are you planning to revamp your marketing campaign by including augmented reality features? That sounds like a step in the right direction! Research has shown that by 2023, the worldwide AR and VR market can reach $94.4 billion. While incorporating AR and VR in your business campaigns is still a novelty, it’s essential to have an innovative concept behind it so that you stand out among your competitors. Here’s how small businesses can devise ideal business
Are you planning to revamp your marketing techniques but are unsure how to boost sales? Try AR and VR methods! Research has shown that 32 percent of consumers use augmented reality when they’re shopping. Besides meeting your customer’s expectations, augmented reality and virtual reality advertisements can make your target audience remember their shopping experience and entice them to keep coming back. Here’s why customers are more likely to purchase a product if advertised through AR and VR.