Until just a few years ago, virtual and augmented reality was little more than a theory. But it exploded on the scene with when the incredibly popular app, Pokemon Go came on the scene in 2016. Since then the market for Augmented Reality (AR) technology has grown significantly; forecasts indicate that the AR market will reach $198 billion in 2025. While business leaders are keen to leverage AR technology to give their business a competitive edge,
As one of the newer tech possibilities to enter the market, 3D visual product configuration is largely ignored in light of the more popular VR tech developing. Although the last 10 years have seen dramatic shifts in the way that 3D and reality tech have evolved to meet Ecommerce, we’re still quite far from incorporating it as a rule. What many businesses may not know, is although the process of creating a 3D configuration Ecommerce platform
The share of online retail sales has been on a steady incline for several years now. Substantial investments in mobile applications and digital technology have helped brands minimize the need for customer sales reps or try on each product in a physical store. 3D configuration technology and augmented reality tools have made it possible for users to virtually try on personalized items and see how they would look on them. The COVID-19 pandemic brought about its
The luxury goods market has witnessed rapid changes in the last decade or so. Previously, these items were only accessible at exclusive stores in select locations, but the focus has now shifted to accommodate the ever-changing needs of luxury consumers. While new channels and tools were being adopted by luxury brands much before the COVID-19 crisis, there are several other factors that have changed the consumer landscape now. For a large majority of customers, the
Online configuration software is a revolutionary technology that’s accelerated the shift toward online shopping. It has helped overcome the barrier between customer expectations and seller deliverability by creating realistic versions of products. Visual product configuration allows users to customize and personalize products and view the result in real-time—but the complexity of the configurator varies significantly. Visual Product Configurator complexity The complexity of 3D product configuration varies significantly depending on the needs of the brands and
The augmented reality (AR)market is projected to be worth over $18 billion in 2023. The current market stands at $3.5 billion, which means the AR industry is expected to grow five folds over the next year. But it doesn’t come across as a surprise given the latest advancements and decrease in development costs of AR solutions. If you think about it, AR technology is embedded in our daily lives. We use this innovative technology when unlocking