A study conducted by Vynz Research indicates that the global Augmented and Virtual Reality Market is likely to expand by 48.8% by 2025, reaching approximately $16.1 billion. AR has been a game-changing tool for businesses looking to make more money using real-time visual experiences. Brands continue to innovate in the AR industry to enhance consumers’ quality of life. Nevertheless, one might struggle to create relevant and valuable content for their business that boosts engagement, interaction,
2020 was the year of drastic expansion in the augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) market. It amounted to $18.8 billion in annual sales and is likely to rise significantly in the future years. AR’s uses aren’t solely limited to fancy animation for movies and games anymore. In fact, more and more brands are employing it as a powerful tool for providing better customer experiences with deeper consumer engagement. In other words, AR is an unmatched technology for
If you study the global business failure rates today, you’ll find that only 50% of businesses survive during their first five years, while only one-third surpass their 10-year mark of success. Many factors contribute to business failure. However, their inability to stand out among competitors is one of the leading reasons why businesses run out of demand. In other words, your company’s success significantly depends on the measures you take to distinguish it from your competitors. While
The automotive industry is one of the most competitive enterprises in a country’s economy. Business owners continuously find themselves in a limitless race to stand out from competitors through better car models and service. They employ multiple strategies to market their cars to their massive audience. The 3D car configuration on company websites play a major role in how these companies stay ahead. A car or vehicle configurator is a visual model that enables website visitors
With 335 million Twitter users, 1 billion Instagrammers, and 2.23 billion Facebook accounts, social media is the perfect platform to engage potential customers. Nevertheless, having a social media account for your business isn’t enough. You need to get new followers regularly for increased interaction. Use these tips to step up your social media game today! Make Frequent Posts Make sure you post on social media consistently. Consider conducting a survey to determine when most of your followers
Companies use augmented reality to create customer AR filters for their brand’s Instagram visibility. It’s a free tool for users that they can enjoy limitlessly. In fact, Instagram AR filter campaigns have now become a unique branch of digital business marketing. Recent studies indicate that the introduction of Instagram filters persuaded users to switch to Insta-stories over Snapchat. This means AR Instagram filters are accessible to over 400 million users every day, making it a great idea for