2020 was a defining year for ecommerce. Where stores offered online transactions to assist sales, now they are running their business primarily through software. This means sustainability, economy, and safety; however, it also means everyone has flocked to this market, making it all the more competitive. The retail sector is no exception. Although, it may have found its niche in ecommerce with Augmented Reality. Let us explain. Virtual Fitting Rooms We are all familiar with Virtual
There is a difference between offline and online learning. Therefore, institutes have bridged the gap with Augmented Reality (AR). Yes, we do mean the AR associated with gaming, entertainment, and most recently, ecommerce. Here is how learning can take place with AR incorporated with 3D graphics. Interactive Reading Material Visual Product Configuration has made it possible for textbook discourse to pop out of the pages via students’ electronic devices, making the learning process just as engaging, if
Augmented Reality (AR) is a multi-billion-dollar industry with a projected growth rate of over 40% over the next seven years. Augmented Reality development companies have proven to be quite an asset during the pandemic by contributing to education and healthcare; they have effectively managed to break the gaming and aviation stereotype that many identified them with. Here is how AR app development has extended to the tourism sector of late. Translation Google Translate is far from perfect, but that
3D visualization is best defined in terms of 3D software being used to generate graphical content. It’s sometimes also referred to as computer-generated imagery, 3D rendering, or 3D graphics. Over the years, 3D visualization has emerged as an essential element used to produce digital content for real-life digital experience and enhanced communication. Top 3 Industries That Embrace 3D visualization The technology of 3D visualization is used in marketing because the human brain tends to process
Google Analytics may sound intimidating (and you’re not alone in that regard; the algorithm itself is notoriously complicated). It’s crucial to understand the aftermath to improve your website in terms of effective technical SEO. This guide might not make you an expert in the science of Google Analytics, but you sure will get the gist of it. What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a tool that gives an insight into the website or application’s