WebAR is an emerging trend in web development,which employs the increasing use of smartphones to create a personalized experience with augmented reality.

WebAR uses similar technology as in most AR apps to make a website application or a traditional website, except it’s cooler, more engaging and more interactive.

It can use a marker to re-imagine a particular scenario or use marker less technology as we do, to create three dimensional projections of an object over the mobile device’s camera. This is an immersive experience for the consumer and according to statistics, ideal for the retail experience.

Why is it becoming so popular for most e-commerce businesses and even automotive industries? Here are some of the benefits of web-based augmented reality application and the reasons why it’s becoming more mainstream in 2020.

Helps you go viral faster: It allows greater outreach to potential users and in lesser time.

Better conversion rate: It’s easier to switch and convert to a sale in three easy steps because the user is already using their smartphone device.

Allows the creation of immersive and dynamic content: It uses location-based information and social media to create a tailor-made experience for the target audience.

The benefits of WebAR are becoming more widely known

In comparison to conventional AR applications, WebAR has the potential to have greater outreach and be much bigger in scale, which means it has a greater impact as well. The web is a better platform, which allows more seamless operations. CocaCola is an example of taking the lead in executing a widespread campaign with its branded WebAR page.


5G will make it easier for better AR services

The newer network, which will make mobile broadband services more expansive and innovative will also impact AR technology. You will no longer have to wait for a stronger Wi-Ficonnection to be able to access the AR. This unleashes greater potential for using AR in mass campaigns without the limitation of being unable to download an app.

WebAR makes accessing data easier

Businesses benefit from the large collection of data available to them on the websitebefore and after they make a purchase. These are two of the most crucial moments when it comes to decision-making for most purchases and having data accessible can be a game-changer for businesses.

Elementals Studio offers some of the best augmented reality solutions in the market. Our 3D car configuration, for instance, allows your shoppers to not only visualize and configure the car in real-time, but also drive the car in augmented reality and virtual reality. Talk about a unique and interactive shopping experience!

Get in touch with us today for more information about developing a Web AR platform for your business.


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