The automotive industry is one of the most frequent users of augmented reality (AR), especially when it comes to manufacturing and the retail experience of automobiles.

Statistics show that the augmented reality and virtual reality market is forecasted to reach approximately $19 billion this year alone and will continue to expand.

Furthermore, at least 86% of business owners are pushing for further incorporating AR in various marketing strategies. However, the automotive industry continues to be one of the most substantial investors in AR.


Some of the most fruitful applications of augmented reality in the automotive industry include the following:

  • Providing real-time analytics and result displays
  • Assist in technical training for employees
  • Better navigation and location-based perks
  • Managing inventory and stocks

Another avenue that needs exploration in specialty vehicle manufacturing is using virtual reality for visually impaired people. This can be done in the following ways:

Custom design motorize vehicles

3D product configuration can be used to customize the design of motorized vehicles for visually impaired people. These include vehicles such as ATVs, sprinter vans, golf carts, buses, and trucks.

It can be for a host of reasons such as healthcare, freight services, education and even leisure. Businesses can use it to build vehicles for all kinds of purposes, and customize it.

Those who want to make the purchase can add features that are more suitable to their needs.

Greater purchasing power

3D product configuration can be used to be able to visually quote prices using CPQ software. This makes it easier for visually impaired people to use specialized VR headsets to be able to understand the vehicle and view it in real-time.

Research shows that VR headsets can be very useful in helping people with lower vision. This can give a certain segment of the population greater purchasing power and allow them to make decisions regarding the best option for themselves.

Improving safety

Software like VR and AR-based apps, along with 3D product configuration, are useful in making safer vehicles that can be tested before being used by the end consumer. It’s possible to change settings according to the way a visually impaired person would experience them in order to create the experience which is more convenient to them.


Elementals Studio offers some of the best 3D product configuration development services and augmented reality solutions in the market. Our 3D car configuration, for instance, allows your shoppers to not only visualize and configure the car in real-time, but also drive the car in augmented reality and virtual reality. Talk about a unique and interactive shopping experience!

Get in touch with us today to put your business on a journey of innovation.


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