There are currently 12 to 24 million e-commerce sites worldwide offering a wide range of products and services and making every effort to stand out among increasing competition within and outside the industry. Product configurators are tools or software that help customers filter out their desired specifications for an object before making an order.

Buyers use configurators to select a range of product features and obtain quotes after submitting an order for businesses to build custom manufacture. It’s an excellent self-service tool that enables customers to design their own products while increasing your business’s credibility and boosting its sales.

B2B businesses can significantly benefit from product configurators developed byaugmented reality developers to sell products that may seem too complex or tricky for eCommerce businesses.

Here’s how product configurators can benefit your online business.


Simplified Presentation of Complex Products

Many product manufacturers think e-commerce businesses will fail to sell certain products because of how valuable, complex, and expensive they are. These products require a comprehensive feature assessment, calculations, and other adjustments to fit a customer’s needs.

Thanks to product configurators, consumers can now integrate all these specifications themselves. As a result, they get an instant idea of what the product will look like when receiving it. It’s a convenient method of showcasing a complex product without needing a vast list of catalogs or specifications.


Accurate Order Reception

All businesses want to meet their customers’ expectations by providing them exactly what they’re asking for. Product configuration is ideal for determining what a customer wants and how the manufacturer can design it to deliver the best product possible.

When customers digitally build the products themselves, they only have access to available materials at your e-business’s inventory, which means your configurator benefits you and the customer simultaneously. As a result, you can create just what your consumer wants, especially when they’re paying a hefty amount for it.

An Excellent Marketing Tool

Digitalization is one of the best ways to add value to a business because it attracts a vast customer pool by being a self-marketing strategy. Incorporating a product configurator to your e-business site will induce a creative spirit among potential buyers, allowing them to create a personalized product using their artistic expression.


For example, when a customer designs their own car via a product configurator and is impressed after receiving the product, they’re more likely to post about it on social media as their own creation. It’ll ultimately redirect a pool of other potential buyers to design their own car by visiting your e-business website.


At Elementals Studio, our talented augmented reality developers offer the creation of user-friendly and creative 3D product configurators for your business.  Our developers will collaborate with you to create the best possible product configurator for your business and its profitability. Get in touch with us to request a quote today!

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