Are you planning to revamp your marketing techniques but are unsure how to boost sales? Try AR and VR methods! Research has shown that 32 percent of consumers use augmented reality when they’re shopping.

Besides meeting your customer’s expectations, augmented reality and virtual reality advertisements can make your target audience remember their shopping experience and entice them to keep coming back. Here’s why customers are more likely to purchase a product if advertised through AR and VR.

Eliminates Uncertainty

Customers want to be sure that it’ll fit their needs and interests when purchasing a product. AR and VR tactics can give your clients the confidence they need when making a purchase and reduce the chances of regretting their decision.

For example, AR can help your clients visualize how a particular painting will look in their home, which color sofa will complement the drapes, or a refrigerator fit in a cozy kitchen space. By projecting the item in a 3D version at full-scale, customers can determine its suitability and make a more informed decision.

Emotional Connection

If a product generates positive feelings for customers, they’re highly likely to purchase it. AR and VR technologies offer an immersive experience that encourages shoppers to make a purchase, especially considering it’s hard to forget. There’s usually an element of surprise with lifelike experiences emanating from a device.


Quick Search

Convenience and ease of access can often convince buyers to pay more. Through virtual tours and in-store navigation, your customers can find their desired product easily without going anywhere.

VR and AR technologies can provide them with in-depth product information to view all the items as they would in reality, irrespective of where they’re living. Rather than a static image or banner, AR marketing tactics can provide customers with immersive 3D-rich content, where they can alter the product according to their preferences and needs.

Sense of Ownership

AR and VR tools can help customers see and feel a product before purchasing it. People are more likely to buy an item they’ve become comfortable with. In this way, they can be satisfied after making a purchase and can increase their chances of revisiting the retailer.

AR and VR technologies can also reduce the return rate as customers are less likely to return products they’ve seen and felt before buying. You’re more likely to retain your clients with immersive and lifelike marketing tactics since they’ll have developed trust and brand loyalty over time.

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