Online configuration software is a revolutionary technology that’s accelerated the shift toward online shopping. It has helped overcome the barrier between customer expectations and seller deliverability by creating realistic versions of products.

Visual product configuration allows users to customize and personalize products and view the result in real-time—but the complexity of the configurator varies significantly.

Visual Product Configurator complexity

The complexity of 3D product configuration varies significantly depending on the needs of the brands and how complex the offering is. For instance, if a company offers customized hoodies, the configuration software will likely include options in size, color, prints, logo, and material.

On the other hand, for more complex products such as cameras that have many internal components, the 3D configurator might be more complex.

“Product Explosion” views

An exploded view drawing of a picture, diagram, or technical object shows the order of assembly or relationship between various components of any assembly product explosion views enable users to separate all elements of the product and view each individually.

For instance, the Michigan-based sportswear brand Xenith, introduced highly customizable helmets for football enthusiasts. Using product explosion technology, users were able to view individual elements that offered safety. At the same time, they could customize colors and helmet size using the configurator to ensure it met customer specifications.

Another example of effective product explosion views comes from the Swiss Army Knife maker, Victorinox. The product configurator is relatively simple: it allows users to change colors and provide engraving features with up to 15 characters on each side of the product. The explosion view allows users to view all moving parts, which gives shoppers a sense of control over the design and increases trust in the process.



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