Web-based product configurators give modern solutions for businesses because of the raised demand for next-generation configurable products being sold through CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) channels. There needs to be real-time integration in design, engineering, quality production, and sales to unlock the full potential of visual configurators.

A web-based product configurator showcases the product through a 2D or 3D model. It enables the user to view the product in its entirety for a detailed look at its features and functions. There are three types of configurators; allow us to help you determine which one is right for your business:

1. Knowledge-based engineering (KBE) solutions

Companies that design and manufacture large pieces of equipment under an engineer’s supervision are most likely to deploy KBE solutions throughout. They are the primary engineering productivity tools integrated with a computer-aided design application to help automate drawings. Because these solutions aren’t web-based, it becomes troublesome to use them outside of engineering departments.

2. ERP configurator modules

ERP systems are used by entry departments or internal customer service representatives and not those on the field. These modules work alongside several other ERP components such as order pricing, entry, billing, scheduling, and routing. The ERP configurator module requires access to its core ERP system; using a web-based interface may limit the usefulness of the configuration. Overall, these solutions are pretty effective when visualizing the configured product. With this, you can easily grow your market share by 20 percent.


3. Enterprise product configurators

The product configurator’s newest class is the enterprise product configurator that allows significant leverage. It combines the best functionality characteristics of KBE solutions and ERP configurator modules. This alone has the ability to engineer processes and automate sales, which makes it ideal for companies who deploy a strategic quote-to-product configurator and wish to expand with a more targeted departmental configurator.

This method allows companies to eliminate 40 to 80 percent of human errors. It can be configured into an e-commerce website, allowing consumers to visualize the products through various aspects. The enterprise product configurator is a process-centric and web-based one that can be deployed internally or externally.

While each category is different, there’s no guarantee if one better than the other. To best determine a product configurator, list your company’s configuration requirements and how you choose to utilize the configuration software in your company. Software purchases can be justified based on the immediate solution for problems; in the case of choosing a configurator, you may use this to decrease time to generate a quotation, eliminate configuration errors, or even just improve the order accuracy.

Elementals is your hub for modern web-based product configurators that can help you minimize waste, increase your workforce’s efficiency, and improve your businesses overall productivity. We are a professional 3D and augmented reality application development agency dedicated to enhancing your ecommerce company!

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