The social media landscape is constantly transformed by new trends. So when you’re developing your next marketing campaign, don’t neglect where consumers’ heads are at, or you risk coming off as outdated.

Here are a few social media statistics to get you started:

Out of the billion Instagram users who are currently active on the platform, 90% follow a business or brand. The platform also has a higher engagement rate than the median engagement rate of 1.60%. It has the most extensive appeal when it comes to influencer marketing because of its content format, which includes both posts and stories.

Moving to bluer pastures, 89% of marketers use Facebook for brand marketing efforts, and 66% of consumers either hit the follow or like button for their favorite brands on the platform.

What does all of this have to do with AR? Well, both Facebook and Instagram are making big investments in augmented reality as an essential tool for social media advertising. They are doing this because it’s immensely effective in bridging the gap between brands and consumers. Interactive lenses and filters are innovative ways to change the face of marketing. And for good reason.

Here are some ways in which AR filters can elevate your marketing campaign on social media.

Filters encourage sharing

Word spreads faster on social media, and with sharable content, it becomes easier than ever to get a conversation started about a brand or product.

Filters and effects let consumers take pictures and post them for their audience, or send them to their close circles. As a brand, you become a shared experience and a closer insight into your target audience this way.

AR lenses help put consumers at the forefront

Makeup brands like Kylie Cosmetics are creating filters that promote their new product lines; this allows consumers to feel more connected to the brand.

Through the filter that showcases a new range of makeup products, consumers can interact and engage by trying out different shades and colors in real-time.

Create more genuine brand engagement

Take customer engagement up a notch by letting consumers immerse themselves completely with AR filters. This is also an excellent way to make your brand seem relevant and trendy. You can also use it for awareness campaigns and to create more traction.


You can’t spell MARKETING without AR, and Elementals Studio can help you create and distribute high-quality AR filters and effects that guarantee a rich AR experience.

Enhance your user experience on Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat and Instagram with advanced AR masks, effects, and filters. Give your clients and visitors more possibilities to share interactive content and reach larger audiences.

For more information about our augmented reality app development and 3D product configuration services, get in touch with us today.

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