2020 was a defining year for ecommerce. Where stores offered online transactions to assist sales, now they are running their business primarily through software. This means sustainability, economy, and safety; however, it also means everyone has flocked to this market, making it all the more competitive.

The retail sector is no exception. Although, it may have found its niche in ecommerce with Augmented Reality.

Let us explain.

Virtual Fitting Rooms

We are all familiar with Virtual Fitting Rooms or VFRs. They are a market that’s poised to break the $10 billion mark by 2027, maybe even sooner.

The idea of fitting rooms where customers can try on clothes without touching the real thing may have begun a decade ago. However, they gained momentum only recently when Gap Inc. announced a dressing room app, which uses AR to help you find the right fit for your size.

The Science Behind the Genius

The science can be summed up in an abbreviation: AR. However, it would be incomplete without the deep learning tactics possessed only by AI, which determines our dimensions and positions to render a 3D image of us on a particular app. The virtual items, be they clothes, shoes, watches, or anything else, are then added to our 3D image.

In this day and age, interactive 3D product configurators can be pretty creative. They can turn and move around, or even open or close, in the case of furniture.


Strong Suits of VFR

Let’s start with the obvious one: remote shopping. We can buy anything from overalls to bridal couture to lingerie and swimwear at a store that believes in Augmented Reality content development.

The only catch is the 3D graphics, which have to be good enough to render the item to within an inch of its life. The more realistic the likeness, the more immersive the consumer experience, and the better the sales. While it has a long way to go to replace brick-and-mortar, but its progress is undeniable, and just like phone cameras, AR technology and rendering can only go up.

VFR Reservations

It’s understandable to be wary of VFR; it is years behind the real experience provided by physical stores. People don’t trust what they see on the screen; they want affirmations as to whether an item would look half as good in person as it does on the app. As AR and AI rise, so will the VFR experience.

Take A Chance on the Interactive 3D Product Configurator

If you own an ecommerce platform, now is the time to invest not just any app, but in Augmented Reality app development. An AR app will put you in front and center of the retail scene and help to regain lost ground. By configuring your items in 3D or adding some AR filters here and there, you will be able to retain client interest in your brand.

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