The impact for augmented reality on various industries has been great and trickled down to making everyday lives more efficient as well. This is because augmented reality tools are meant to be solution-oriented and break down the barriers between physical and digital reality.

Statistics show that by this year there can be easily a billion augmented reality users across the globe, mostly between the ages 16 and 34. This is because at least 70% consumers have faith in this technological development to be beneficial to them.

According to the front running platform for startups AngelList, there are around 2000 companies that are related to augmented reality. Tech giant like Facebook continues to be one of the biggest investors acquiring close to 11 AR and virtual reality companies.

Let’s take a deeper look at how various industry leaders are using augmented reality to their advantage.


There is potential for AR to make surgeries more precise and efficient as well as ease in operating MRI equipment. It is also being used to make medical training more valuable and effective for students in training and younger surgeons. AR is also used to make more complex anatomical concepts easy to understand by using immersive technology.


The ability to visualize challenging concepts makes AR ideal for helping students learn more challenging concepts easily. It utilizes the immersive technology to help children get more in-depth knowledge especially for more abstract concepts in subjects like math, science and technology.


The travel industry enjoys the benefits of more convenient travel by making it hassle free and fun. Apps like yelp Monocle allow avid tourists and travels to learn more about a new location simply by pointing their smartphone at the area. The app uses location data to provide useful information to the user about the best places to visit and more information about the place such as its history etc.



Mercedes, BMW and Ford are just a few of the leading car manufacturing companies using heads up display to make navigation easier. It keeps the driver focused and addresses the challenges of road safety and transportation for freight services as well. Drivers no longer have to be distracted while driving and through a display on the dashboard, they get the most relevant information.


This is the most common industrial use for repairing and maintaining complex equipment such as MRI machines or even automobile motors. It allows technicians to access useful information related to repairing by overlaying it on the equipment.

The potential for augmented reality and 3D product configuration is vast and can be tapped into further with the help of the experts at Elementals Studio. If you want more sophisticated solutions to improve your business model, contact us!

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