Augmented Reality (AR) is a multi-billion-dollar industry with a projected growth rate of over 40% over the next seven years. Augmented Reality development companies have proven to be quite an asset during the pandemic by contributing to education and healthcare; they have effectively managed to break the gaming and aviation stereotype that many identified them with.

Here is how AR app development has extended to the tourism sector of late.


Google Translate is far from perfect, but that has to do with its AI, which we must admit, is already better than almost any other translation app out there.

A couple of years ago, it came out with an AR feature that allowed users to take a photo of the written text in a language foreign to them. Google Translate would then highlight sentences and translate them for you as soon as you tap on them.

This has reduced the chances of ordering something you don’t want to eat or coming in contact with another person to have the menu explained to you. It has also made reading local signs, ergo navigation, much easier.


Thanks to Augmented Reality solutions such as Google Maps AR, you don’t need a tour guide or have to ask people with whom you don’t share a language to navigate your way through some of the most famous sites of the country in which you’re traveling. You can just pull up the app, start walking and go about it on your own. The app will direct you in real-time with arrows using your phone’s rear camera.


Hotel Tours

Potential guests can choose hotels with AR tours by scanning augmented brochures, posters, and whatnot. As soon as they do, an interactive product configurator might help them view the amenities in 3D. Scanning the advert may also turn it into a virtual tour on your electronic device, which you can take without actually interacting with hotel staff. Also, the fact that you can do this from any part of the world isn’t half bad.


Public transport is hard to wrap your head around, especially if you are a tourist who needs to get from Point A to Point B without using too much currency.

Apps like Bus Times London integrate AR with your phone’s camera and GPS to not only tell you when the quickest bus will arrive but also which one to take if there are just way too many of them headed in the same direction.

Augment Your Business with AR app development

Augmented Reality in business, especially if it’s a hotel business, can help float your boat until and after the pandemic blows over. So, recruit our team’s 3D graphic services and create an AR app for your travel business. You can also seek our services to set up a 3D product configurator to help your guests choose their amenities or remove something from their room.

Leave us a message and we will get back to you posthaste.


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