The popular Pokemon Go app introduced most of us to the world of augmented reality as we began participating in virtual scavenger hunts in real-life locations. However, this technology isn’t restricted to games and movies anymore and is continually expanding into other industries such as publication, education, and of course, e-Commerce.

The vast range of AR applications across numerous sectors technology amounted to $120 billion in 2020. It has disrupted the e-Commerce industry by offering personalized services, enhanced marketing opportunities, and improved consumer shopping experience.

e-Commerce sellers now enjoy a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs by incorporating AR into their business practices. 40% of consumers are more willing to purchase from brands offering AR features through their apps and websites. It’s the ultimate 21st-century business strategy for boosting sales, conversation rates, and succeeding as an online store.

While qualified augmented reality app development companies continue to assist businesses with their services, here are three inspiring examples of how leading eCommerce giants made the most out of Augmented reality.



Every makeup lover wants to ensure the makeup product they’re purchasing is worth the investment, and there’s no better way to do it than trying it on oneself before making the purchase. While in-store testers are a great option to achieve this, they may be unhygienic and inaccessible to online buyers.

Sephora is a leading international makeup retailer that introduced its AR-based Sephora Virtual Artist mobile app. It allows potential buyers to try different makeup looks, mix and match makeup with an outfit, swatch shades, and find the perfect skin shades from the comfort of their homes.

It’s a useful app for makeup beginners because it offers a wide range of makeup tutorials and other features to help buyers purchase products that look best on them. Sephora’s AR e-commerce application provides the perfect shopping experience for makeup lovers who love experimenting with different looks. This AR solution has significantly boosted the company’s international sales while reducing refunds or exchange rates.


AR plays a vital role in the real-estate and interior designing industry. Many first-time homebuyers struggle to convey what they’re looking for when building their dream home. Amikasa is a handy house designing app that allows people to use a house’s 3D configurator to design their houses using real-time furniture that can be purchased and installed later, just as desirable.

The Amikasa app allows users to change house colors, choose from real furniture, and place objects like they’re inside a house. It’s the perfect way to visualize how your final home will look once its construction is complete.


Ikea is a renowned furniture store where most Americans prefer buying their furniture and Homegoods. The company has taken the AR e-Commerce industry by storm by creating an AR version of its catalog in 2014.

It allowed customers to virtually place Ikea’s furniture in their houses to determine what will suit them. Moreover, it had a feature that instantly identified the catalog’s recipes on an Ikea kitchen table.



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