Whether it’s advertising or marketing a product or the shopping experience at large, using augmented reality as a visual aid to showcase products has a positive impact on sales for e-commerce businesses at large.

Moreover, experts realize the significance of AR not just in improving conversion rates and boosting sales but also reducing the returns on products as well, the bane of e-commerce purchases.

According to research, 22% customers reported to be more interesting in making retail purchases online if there were more augmented reality options and 63% are convinced that AR improves the shopping experience significantly.

How product visualization helps e-commerce businesses

Engaging with customers on a new level

The benefits are far reaching, helping businesses to reach out to other specific industries such as engineers who use product configuration to test out products before investing in them.

Interacting with the product before being able to purchase is one of the several advantages of the right visualization tools. Even clothing industries utilize it to address the uncertainty of buying clothes because consumers are unsure of the perfect fit.

But some clothing companies are taking things to the next level by engaging customers in the product building process. Using AR tools, prospective buyers can customize the product to meet their needs for size, color and design.

Quicker decision making

Customers no longer have to waste time weighing the pros and cons of buying the perfect product because with augmented reality solutions, the decision making process becomes much swifter.

With more information about the product, it makes it possible to visualize its practical importance and relevance to the user in real time. It also cuts down the time needed in trying out various iterations and presents relevant data quickly and precisely.

All these factors can help improve the conversion rate because your consumers are no longer just browsing through catalogs, but engaging, creating and then eventually endorsing them.


3D Rendering allows companies to highlight the product features

An example is the use of AR tools by interior designers and property developers to render their designs easily and offer virtual tours of spaces. Leading furniture designer IKEA allows online shoppers to visualize their items in their respective physical spaces easily. This helps people evaluate whether the product is aesthetic enough or be able to fit in the space as well.

Moreover, with enhanced features and more relevant and technical information about a product, buyers feel more confident in their purchases. This is a more elevated of showcasing a product rather than just displaying photographs. It also allows a 360 degree product view.

We offer 3D product configuration services to help you visualize your products in more innovative and sophisticated ways. Interested in boosting your sales? Get in touch with us now!

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