As remote operations continue for businesses during the lockdown, the most successful ones are streamlining operations with innovative tools.

The impact of the virus has been severe, causing plummeting employment rates as many businesses face shutdowns. Some industries that have taken a significant hit include tourism, sports, fintech, entertainment, retail, and restaurants.

The challenge for small businesses—like this furniture store using AR solutions during the pandemic—is to step up and adapt to these changes to survive and continue to grow.

How can augmented reality help?

Augmented reality solutions are ideal for companies that provide customers with assistance, and those that are selling products via e-commerce platforms.

Here’s how businesses can use AR to boost performance during the pandemic:

Showcase products

Augmented reality allows you to let customers view products in three-dimensions.

This means they don’t have to actually visit stores; they can stay at home while shopping but still receive the same level of customer support and service.

Moreover, being able to interact with a product before purchasing it online is one of the sole reasons for higher conversion rates for websites that integrate AR solutions.

The experience of “getting a feel for the product” before buying it is essential for customers, and retailers are taking note.

Augmented reality can help strengthen efforts with a remote workforce

AR allows companies to improve workflows, especially during the pandemic. As the number of remote workers increases during the pandemic and businesses continue to hire, using AR solutions helps them stay ahead of the curve.

From training new recruits to staying connected with staff, augmented reality features are particularly useful in making sure there are no hiccups in daily operations.

Research also shows that AR and VR technologies help reduce distractions and improve performance.

AR for better customer engagement

Using innovative technology gives companies a competitive edge, allowing them to stand out from others and engage with customers better.

This allows customers to interact with the product and enjoy a more immersive experience as well.

The overall impact of AR on businesses is threefold—it helps them visualize, annotate, and tell stories. These factors alone are making a positive impact on society by enabling people to overcome the isolation that can come with the lockdown.


Elementals Studio is geared toward making sure your business stands out from the crowd by helping you create immersive 3D content. We specialize in real-time 3D graphics and 3D product configuration development that enhances the customer experience.

We also offer innovative and sophisticated augmented reality solutions to help you elevate your business.

To find out more about our 3D configuration services, feel free to contact our experts!

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