As one of the newer tech possibilities to enter the market, 3D visual product configuration is largely ignored in light of the more popular VR tech developing. Although the last 10 years have seen dramatic shifts in the way that 3D and reality tech have evolved to meet Ecommerce, we’re still quite far from incorporating it as a rule.

What many businesses may not know, is although the process of creating a 3D configuration Ecommerce platform can be a hefty expense, it’s one that we’re headed towards global. 10 years ago, online shopping was in the same place that 3D visualization is in now — and yet we exist in a rapidly expanding and profitable Ecommerce world.

So, let’s take a look at two key ways that you could be using 3D visualization for better conversion rates as well as online reach.

Better UX Experiences on Website

User experiences on websites have stayed mostly the same since we cracked the case of back-end and front-end tech via a host of software and business intelligence solutions. What can a business in 2020 offer consumers that’s new?

3D visual product configurations are the key for keeping consumers on your website, by offering them a detailed look inside your products without having to visit a physical location. Not only does that capture consumers from the comfort of their home, it also aids the current no-touch or minimal interaction shopping guidelines in today’s global atmosphere.

Customers can look at each product in detail, and with a few additional features you can even add an easy customization feature into your 3D visual product configurator. This aids mass customization, which is a key strategy that experts are advising businesses invest in.

Capturing Previously Marginalized Markets


The 2D method of online shopping was a leap of faith for the most lucrative consumer segments when it started becoming popularized. Baby Boomers and Gen X markets preferred being able to go to a store to buy products, which is why it took so long to catch on.

However, with 3D Ecommerce configurators, younger markets don’t have to make the same leap of faith. Millennials and newly employed Gen-Z markets are looking to the future, which very much includes product configurations.

In a world of influencers and social media marketing, having 3D product visuals is a supreme USP for the media literate and internet savvy consumers of today. That’s why partnering up with our team at Elementals for end-to-end Ecommerce product configuration as well as augmented reality application development could boost your marketing and sales.

Contact us today to start work on an upgraded online presence and website.

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