There’s no denying that augmented reality (AR) is becoming one of the most popular aspects of digitalizing modern businesses. Whether you recently launched a startup or run an e-commerce store, incorporating AR into your marketing strategy is non-negotiable.

It comes as no surprise that the AR market is expected to hit $70–$75 billion in revenue by 2023. In fact, over 88% of companies are already leveraging AR in some capacity!

If you’re currently adjusting to the AR curve, we’ve rounded up five tricks to help you make the AR experience more seamless for users.

Partner With a Reputable and Experienced Augmented Reality Agency

In order to make the most of the cutting-edge AR technology, you need to find the best in the game. While taking care of things yourself may sound tempting, it’s very likely that you’ll end up with not-so-great visuals and graphics.

If you’re already using AR technology but aren’t satisfied with the results, consult AR professionals that have extensive experience.

At Elementals Studio, we specialize in developing cutting-edge AR applications that run seamlessly on mobile and desktop websites. We’ll examine your current project or come up with a new strategy from scratch to ensure you can make the most of immersive and interactive AR features and tools.

Focus on Immediacy


The AR experience is all about making things easier for customers. As your audience engages with your products/services at home, they can seamlessly navigate the features and functionalities within seconds.

If your graphics take too long to load or there are a plethora of glitches, it’s unlikely that customers will stick around.

To make the AR experience frictionless for users, prioritize immediacy. Ensuring quick access, visually compelling layered visualizations, and smooth navigation will help you increase conversions and reduce customer attrition.

Inclusivity for the Win

Creating an AR experience that doesn’t target a wide audience can do more harm than good. If you’re opting for visualizations that only resonate with certain demographics, you’ll notice a dip in sales.

Instead, ensure an inclusive AR-based customer experience so everyone can understand, engage with, and effectively respond to your products/services.

We also recommend closely tracking analytics and making changes accordingly.

Leverage Opportunities for Immersive Demonstrations


AR isn’t a cleanly demarcated chapter in a book. It’s constantly evolving and expanding. While you may have incorporated 3D products into your marketing strategy, you could wake up the next day and find a plethora of fresh AR strategies on the web.

Keep up with new trends to enhance customer experience and develop an edge in your industry. There are no limits! You can allow your audiences to enter simulated environments or get an immersive, engaging, and visually dynamic 360-degree view of your products/services. These details will go a long way in bringing your audience closer to what you have to offer!

Struggling to incorporate AR into your business? We can help you get started. At Elementals Studio, we offer expert augmented reality application development services. We create high-quality 3D graphics that offer an aesthetically pleasing lifelike experience. Contact us to find out how AR can help your business hit the ground running!




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