Initially, much of the conversation around 3D technology revolved around the impact on the entertainment and gaming industry. People were raving about 3D movies and virtual gaming attracted masses all over the world.

There was more emphasis on using AR and VR based applications for the purpose of making it more visually appealing for cinematic and gaming enthusiasts. Some of the highest grossing 3D moviesencouraged movie makers to attract audiences by giving them the immersive experience.

However, there has been a sudden and strategic shift to integrating 3D configuration in retail for e-commerce businesses to enhance the shopping experience. This is because while watching “Avatar” at the movies is memorable, it’s still a one-off experience that doesn’t necessarily add value to our lives (film enthusiasts may disagree, but that’s okay!).

Online shopping, on the other hand, has improved drastically in the past few years because consumers want to be able to interact with the product before they purchase it in the comfort of their homes.

At first, there was still reasonable doubt about whether the idea of 3D configurated products would take off due to its perceived inaccessibility. However, statistics show that 81% Americans own a smartphone, and that there are approximately 2 billion buyers who make purchases online.


Understanding 3-D product configuration

3D product configuration is a tool used increasingly by e-commerce businesses to increase interaction and engagement with the target audience.

This is because it allows them to be able to see the product in 3D from all possible angles, in various colors, and textures which is more in-depth than simply reading a description. These work without a plug in on all possible devices and browsers.

Benefits of 3-D configuration

Why is it that 3D configuration is becoming a buzzword and a need for so many various industry leaders? It has been reported to boost conversion rates dramatically and can be imperative to boosting sales via marketing. Let’s take a look at why that is so.

Offer customization services

Not only do you offer more information about the product, but you also provide an option for consumers to customize the products and view them in their preferred specifications.

The consumer essentially becomes a part of the creation process, giving you key insights into the next stages of product development.

Personalized shopping experience

Customers view objects in real time on their own terms to get a feel for the product before purchasing it.

There’s a reason why people prefer online shopping, it’s more intimate and convenient to you.

When the product is more visible and provides more visual knowledge, it makes it easier for buyers to make purchasing decisions.

Allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors

The technology gives you a competitive edge and helps you come across as a more reliable business. To be able to showcase your products with the right technology lets your product be more visible to your targeted consumer.

Elementals Studio offers some of the best 3D product configuration development services and augmented reality solutions in the market. Our 3D Car configuration, for instance, allows your shoppers to not only visualize and configure the car in real-time, but also drive the car in augmented reality and virtual reality. Talk about a unique and interactive shopping experience!

Get in touch with us today to put your business on a journey of innovation.

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