Digital advancements have changed the face of marketing forever. Where a brick and mortar store would put up posters to market their products, now a simple social media marketing strategy can inform the audience about a business.

This evolution of digital marketing has also come about with the introduction of e-commerce. Buying and selling products on the internet hasn’t just transformed customer experience, but it has also changed the way we do business.

Statistics show that there are 1.3 million e-commerce companies in the United States. Suffice it to say; they’ve shaped the global economy as we know it.

But there’s a new player in town that’s going to change the way customers understand or experience e-commerce—and that’s augmented reality.

Let’s take a look at how augmented reality can transform e-commerce.

What is Augmented Reality?

AR is a forerunner when it comes to e-commerce. It allows customers to preview products before buying them and assists them in makings smarter buying decisions. It enhances the customer’s perception of the real world by superimposing a layer of virtual information over what we see with our naked eyes.

How has augmented reality shaped e-commerce?

What’s the one thing that’s considered to be the Achilles heel for e-commerce brands? —products beings returned because they didn’t “fit” or “didn’t look like the picture.” This is what AR seeks to eliminate.

By creating a more engaging customer experience, AR has done wonders for e-commerce. Here’s how.

Customer preference

63 percent of customers have said that augmented reality has buffed their shopping experience. In addition to that, 35 percent have said that they would prefer shopping from online stores that have AR, compared to those that don’t. This is primarily because customers respond to AR’s real-time effectiveness and application as it creates an immersive brand experience for the customers.

Visualizing purchases

AR allows customers to view different products offered by e-commerce businesses as 3D models. These models are superimposed on a real-life background that helps the customers to get a much more accurate feel of the product. With customers being able to gauge real-life images with a background of their choice, and an ability to view it with accuracy and precision, the interactive experience results in more confident purchases.

Less post-purchase risks

The failure of a few brands to deliver quality products has sadly cultivated a bad reputation for the e-commerce industry as a whole. As such, businesses need to make constant reassurances to their customers.  With AR, that can change. Now that customers can try out a repertoire of products, right from the comfort of their homes, they will have less reason to be dissatisfied with their purchases. This means that the brand isn’t merely satisfying existing customers, but it’s also creating a long-lasting first impression on potential customers.


Now that you know what a crucial role AR can play in taking your e-commerce business to the next level, all that’s left to do is for you to find a leading augmented reality agency!

Elementals Studio is an AR development company and reality app agency that specializes in developing augmented reality for e-commerce. Find out more about our services, and get in touch with us today!



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