Restaurants are the fastest growing global industry. In fact, their sales reached almost $1.2 trillion in 2020, despite the pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Despite the increasing demand for fast food and restaurant dining among the global populations, the industry is continuously searching for tools to provide extraordinary experiences in terms of food quality, taste, and hospitality.

Augmented reality is a powerful new technology, but it is undoubtedly affecting a wide range of industries. Many restaurateurs use this technology to elevate people’s eating experiences by empowering foreigners to order food confidently without language barriers and enhancing food quality with immersive employee training.

Many qualified augmented reality developers are at the forefront of this technological advancement consisting of superimposed images depicting real-life experiences. Here’s how the restaurant industry is benefitting from AR technology.


3D Food for Menu Promotion

Most people tend to go through a restaurant’s menu before visiting a place to eat. They often use online channels such as the restaurant’s website or social media platforms to access its menu. As a result, restaurants are now employing AR technology to present their dishes to promote their menu and unique items to attract new customers.

For example, the fast-food company Bareburger incorporated AR technology into its restaurant by revamping its menu and creating a hyper-realistic food menu for guests who weren’t well-versed in Turkish cuisine.

Using 3D technologies to advertise your menu is an excellent way to showcase your food in real-time, attracting new customers

Entertainment Through Restaurant Apps

The AR hype began with Niantic’s game called Pokemon Go, in which a massive population began participating in virtual scavenger hunts in real-life situations. This idea ultimately created opportunities for the restaurant industries to streamline their business revenues further.

The famous Mexican eatery Chipotle created The Scarecrow application with games for customer entertainment and detailed demonstration of their ingredient procurement for viewers’ education. Restaurants can customize their AR apps and use their content to incentivize guests, increasing restaurant foot traffic.

Employee Training & Instruction

A business’s success depends on how well its staff members deliver. Restaurants can enhance their training processes by employing immersive technology. AR-driven instruction methods are an excellent way to integrate theory and practical application into an employee training program.

Qualified augmented reality development companies can provide AR-enabled devices and essential training materials to restaurants for an improved learning process. It’ll help companies save substantial training costs without compromising on the training quality.


AR technology is gradually but indeed taking over the restaurant industry. If you’re a restauranteur looking to take one step ahead, opt for this immersive technology reaching out to us at Elementals Studio. Our augmented reality app developers will curate the perfect web-based AR content and mobile applications for your restaurant to thrive within and beyond the food industry. Get in touch with us to request a quote today!

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