AR has, to a large extent, made our physical world a digital one. Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been an 87% increase in social media usage. AR has a huge role in this new world; things that can no longer be experienced in the physical world can be explored digitally using AR technology.

How AR Works For Face Modification Apps

AR—or augmented reality—is a technology that uses a smartphone’s camera to add elements from your wildest imagination to your screen. The view could be a room, a street (think Pokémon Go), or your face. Basically, your phone is Aladdin and AR’s the magic carpet that knows no bounds.

Face Modification Apps usually use filters. These work by detecting a face and then adding an element to it using AR. This could be a filter that transforms your entire face to look different, or it could be a filter that changes one or more features on your face—for instance, the baby filter that changes the eyes, a makeup filter that gives you longer lashes and a bright pout, or adding features to your regular face, such as doggy ears.

Explaining the Growing Interest

Face filters have managed to unleash a whole new world of possibilities for users. They allow people to present themselves to the world on their terms.

Selfies have been around for a long time, but many people don’t like the way they looked on a front camera. Filters have changed this for them. While loving yourself the way you are is essential, a lot of people feel more comfortable uploading pictures with filters, and in doing so, they hide what they perceive as their imperfections.

For a lot of users, filters are an outlet for their creative instincts. They have become a way to express their individuality in artistic ways. For many people, face modification apps help boost confidence and help them overcome their shy nature by allowing them to digitally step out of their comfort zones.

AR Infused Marketing

AR marketing is a form of digital marketing that has become incredibly popular in recent years. By blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds, companies have a unique opportunity to interact with consumers through AR.

The beauty industry, in particular, stands to gain a lot from this technology. Beauty products, especially makeup, look different on each person using them. So, people prefer buying them in a physical store where they can try them on. With COVID restrictions, this may not be as easy as before. Therefore, now is the time to make the most of this opportunity and use online 3D product configurators to help users try the products digitally before buying them. This will enhance their overall shopping experience and hence build brand loyalty.

This can also be incorporated as your business’s marketing strategy. Create filters featuring your products and watch them go viral on social media platforms. If you pull the strings correctly, very soon, users will be looking for that one particular shade of lipstick from that one particular filter, leading a new consumer straight to your website.


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