Are you planning to revamp your marketing campaign by including augmented reality features? That sounds like a step in the right direction! Research has shown that by 2023, the worldwide AR and VR market can reach $94.4 billion.

While incorporating AR and VR in your business campaigns is still a novelty, it’s essential to have an innovative concept behind it so that you stand out among your competitors. Here’s how small businesses can devise ideal business campaigns that include augmented reality and virtual reality features.

Identify Your Campaign’s Goal

You can evaluate your campaign’s success by having a clear goal in mind. If you plan to generate leads through your campaign, you can position a lead capture goal before the experience starts.

This way, viewers can access the virtual experience only after entering their details. A more subtle approach to optimizing leads would be giving them an option to include their details and allowing them to access the augmented reality.

If you’re planning to create brand awareness, you don’t have to place any restrictions on the augmented reality experience. Additionally, you can create website traffic by a short and clear CTA click to the website and entice them with attractive time-limited offers.

Decide the Material

The next step is to decide how your target audience will interact with the immersive AR experience. Through print marketing, you can convince customers to connect with whatever material you’re using.

Whether it’s vinyl banners, posters, printed flyers, or a standee at an industry seminar, you can display your brand video with a compelling Call-to-Action at the end. You can decide what the print size will be as augmented reality can be featured on a billboard-sized banner or business card size.


Delivering the Campaign  

There are multiple ways you can deliver your marketing campaign. It can be in the form of flyer handouts distributed at networking events, added in your customer packages, pull-up banners, direct mail, or displayed on your office walls.

You can even put up augmented reality experiences or a QR code on any customer deliveries so that they receive the message before they tear open the package.

Select the Desired Action

Your augmented reality experience should include a practical and concise call-to-action. It can be used to send an email inquiry or guide potential customers to your website so they can make a purchase. Your CTA can also encourage people to visit your social media or to screenshot their experience and share it on their social accounts.

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