It isn’t just the retail world that’s changing—the customers are also changing. While retail went from salesmen to billboards to emails, the customer went from malls to sales to their computer screens. It’s an arena that is constantly evolving with time—and the best retailers are those that know how to change and where to turn when the tide turns. As the customers change, so does retail and marketing—and Augmented Reality makes up for a big part of it.

The Millennial Customer

If your audience is on Instagram, there’s a good chance they’re mostly millennials. Instagram and Facebook are the social medial channels of choice for millennials—Gen Z leans more towards Snapchat and TikTok. But for the millennial customer and audience—once you understand them as individuals, you understand how to use AR filters to engage better with them.

Of course, their mental makeup is very different from that of their predecessors and successors. Millennials are known to be more environmentally-conscious, more interested in social activism, likelier to be part of human rights advocacy groups, so on and so forth.

So how can Augmented Reality join forces with political correctness?

Here’s How


Augmented reality is nothing more than giving your customers a world and an experience that is as close to reality as possible. Of course, now you know what your millennial customer is interested in and moved by: and you can use those cues to provide them with just the right products and the right experience. A favorable experience for them equals favorable sales for you. It’s a win-win.

We also think that the one channel you shouldn’t bypass is social media—especially Facebook and Instagram, as have been mentioned earlier. Of course, good SEO entails that you should create new, fresh, original content regularly to keep the audiences engaged—and what better way to keep them engaged than via incorporating AR into your social media campaign and strategy?

Incorporating AR into Instagram

The US Postal Service did it. IKEA did it. You can do it too. It isn’t even that different and complicated to get: all you do is treat Instagram like the customer-heavy channel that it is. All your prospective customers are right here, logged into their accounts, glued to their screens—all you have to do is grab their attention.

Imagine you sell clothes. If, during scrolling, they get to an advertisement by you that lets people try on a few articles of clothing—virtually, of course—they will stop scrolling. And that’s the idea: get them to stop scrolling and checking out what you have to offer.

Even a few seconds are enough to generate interest and direct them to your website.

Interested in More?

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