Augmented reality is a futuristic technology in which AR developers use 3D imagery and object to superimpose content into physical environments, smartphones, and products. It has made the use of phone cameras, wearable devices, and tablets a lot more convenient for consumers.

Every business needs a viable digital content strategy that can gravitate a vast consumer pool towards its brand. Video, sound, images, graphics, and overlays are essential components of a viable social media marketing plan. However, anything that offers real-time changes in the physical environment is automatically a lot more valuable and attractive to viewers and buyers.

AR has the potential to transform your company’s social media content by making it unique and highly representative of your brand. In other words, augmented reality features are sometimes just what you need to make your content more multifaceted and compelling.


Read on to learn the significance of augmented reality in social media marketing.


Easier Product Visualization

Consumers are more compelled to purchase a product they can clearly view and visualize themselves or in any other relevant context. For instance, augmented reality features can enable buyers to see how a clothing piece would look on them or how a coffee table might fit into a new room design. It’s the perfect strategy for any business, ranging from apparel and accessories to makeup and houses.


According to a GetApp survey on consumer behavior, 65% of online shoppers trust the brands that enhance their ability to visualize specific products before making a purchase.



Increased Post Interaction

A social media post’s success depends on how consumers and viewers react to it, hold on to it, and interact with it. A survey by The Drum indicates that augmented reality and its immersive features have the power to increase a buyer’s attention by 85 seconds. When someone spends more than a minute viewing a product, it leads to escalated click-through rates to add a product to an online cart and finally purchasing it.


Escalated social media engagement through AR-based content increases post interactions by 20%. It shows how potential buyers are more likely to make purchases based on their fascination with the immersive AR content regardless of the product quality.

Buzz Generation for Your Brand

The most incredible way to get people talking about how good your company is by using social media to generate hype or buzz around it. It’s the ultimate way to boost indirect sales, and augmented reality is the best tool to achieve it.

You can use augmented reality to create branded effects, filters, and 3D graphics, which add a fun, exciting, and unexpected element to your social media campaign, enhancing your brand status.

Increased customer participation in your brand’s social media activity will be excellent for your product or business’s overall wellbeing and profitability.

Are you looking for innovative ideas to design your latest social media campaign? At Elementals Studio, our augmented reality app developers create immersive 3D branded filters and effects for your brand’s social media platform to increase engagement and excitement around your business. Contact us to learn more today!

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