Are you planning to use three-dimensional images to market your new product line? That’s precisely the strategy you should adopt! Research has shown that 32 percent of customers use augmented reality, while 73 percent of mobile AR consumers are very satisfied with mobile AR experiences.

Many marketers transform their business and advertising campaigns by incorporating virtual reality and augmented reality features to create an engaging customer experience. Here’s how you can make a name for yourself by incorporating 3D and AR in your business.

Enhances Brand Loyalty

Customer reviews can either make or break your brand reputation, so ensuring the right product is delivered to the right customer is very important. If your sales material is not effectively capturing your products, it can make your business sink faster than the Titanic. 
Augmented reality in ecommerce counters this problem by providing customers with the same product they purchased online. With this kind of certainty, you can quickly develop customer loyalty because consumers are likely to return to your site if they can trust your brand.

Increases Buyer Confidence

Ecommerce is all the rage, especially amid the pandemic when physical visits to the store aren’t always possible. In this case, buyers are even more reluctant to purchase a product that they end up regretting in the future.

By configuring your products in augmented reality, customers can try or test them before making a purchase. Not only will this lower the chances of returning the product, but it’ll also help you build confidence in your consumers since they can now see and feel the product from virtually any location.


Creates an Innovative Brand Experience

AR can help you include a digital component to your business’s products and physical location to answer any questions that users have. This can help customers obtain additional information about your merchandise by simply scanning it through their mobile devices.

For example, Starbucks used augmented reality to allow consumers to tour one of its coffee shops in Shanghai, China. By scanning the shop’s items, customers could virtually explore their café and learn more about their brand.

Improves Your Brand’s Status

One of the best things about augmented reality is that it usually has an element of surprise. If you design your AR experience well, it’ll create memories that’ll keep people talking about your brand.

A classic example of using AR to create buzz is when Uber launched an augmented reality campaign at Zurich’s central station. In this AR experience, people could virtually pet animals in the wild or play with kangaroos in Australia.

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