2020 was the year of drastic expansion in the augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) market. It amounted to $18.8 billion in annual sales and is likely to rise significantly in the future years.

AR’s uses aren’t solely limited to fancy animation for movies and games anymore. In fact, more and more brands are employing it as a powerful tool for providing better customer experiences with deeper consumer engagement. In other words, AR is an unmatched technology for building rich shopping experiences.

Most brands perceive AR as a real-time technology that merges real world views with digital objects, enabling a plethora of ways for companies to let buyers “experience” the product via a virtual situation.

Qualified Augmented Reality agencies continue to assist brands looking to outsource their AR marketing today. Here’s how AR has become a unique branch of business marketing.

Rectification of Customer Concerns

Most people prefer purchasing from stores because of sizing and fitting concerns. One of the purposes of using AR for eCommerce is to replicate in-store experiences. It alleviates the issues related to the products’ size, appearance, and overall fit while allowing people to shop through their laptops or phones conveniently.

eCommerce stores sell thousands of products every day. While some products require a closer feel that influences a buyer’s purchase decision, some don’t. For example, a person buying a phone charger is likely to read its specifications and purchase it. However, when they’re buying clothes or shoes, they need to understand their texture, quality, size, and longevity.

Fortunately, AR is the best example of visual sensory commerce that tells you how products will look like in real life.


Immersive Mobile-Friendly Applications

While AR technology is excellent for viewing how products are in reality, it also enables buyers to choose the product’s specifications as per their preferences. Consumers can now digitally experience their favorite product in the material, color, and texture of their choice using AR apps for businesses.

Augmented reality applications have incredibly immersive features that address all the concerns you may have when you’re shopping for products like shirts, hats, watches, shoes, and makeup.

A prospect is more likely to buy from a company that can help reduce their shopping friction questions related to quality, sizing, and fit.

AR-driven In-Store Shopping Experiences

Like every company, your brand also has a story and a mission. AR gives you a chance to offer customers visiting your stores to understand your products. Buyers who prefer to shop through self-service counters at retail stores can benefit from AR features. They no longer need a salesperson’s assistance with all the product details at their disposal.


AR for eCommerce is nothing less than magic. Fortunately, you can now incorporate this technology into your business and take your sales to the next level. Contact us at Elementals Studio for the perfect augmented reality app development for your company today!




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