There is a difference between offline and online learning. Therefore, institutes have bridged the gap with Augmented Reality (AR). Yes, we do mean the AR associated with gaming, entertainment, and most recently, ecommerce.

Here is how learning can take place with AR incorporated with 3D graphics.

Interactive Reading Material

Visual Product Configuration has made it possible for textbook discourse to pop out of the pages via students’ electronic devices, making the learning process just as engaging, if not more so, than a classroom setting.

Take the textbooks released by a Japanese publishing company Tokyo Shoseki. Released in 2012, these adult books were meant to teach the English language to older students. The way they work is, you run an AR app on your phone through the text. Your camera helps the AR read it, and the inbuilt 3D configurator turns the images and text into moving objects on your device.

Illustrative Lessons

Suppose you are a teacher who doesn’t have a knack for drawing, and you have to explain a concept to your students. Sure, they can just google it, but that would shave minutes off your pre-planned lesson.

Lessons can now have illustrations built into them. Schools can opt for AR app development of their lessons, incorporating them so that they would run on the app itself rather than PowerPoint. This will make a 3D representation of every known and unknown concept possible, making the lesson efficient and fun.



Streamlined Training

For technicians and plumbers, training is required to gain a license. For example, a mechanic would be required to understand a car’s complex components and will be given several problems to solve.

An AR app would take this training offsite with a 3D product configurator tool, which would imitate an actual car and its components. This would make it possible for candidates from any part of a country or even the world to participate in these kinds of tests, driving revenue to the bodies that offer these courses.

AR/VR Simulations

The aviation industry has been using simulations to teach its pilots to fly before putting them in a real-world setting. This ensures safety, cuts fuel costs, and reduces the carbon footprint.

The same can be done in medical training or training for anything else, really. Hospitals can use Augmented Reality solutions to their advantage and ensure patient safety by making interns and residents sit through these simulations that come with mid-surgery situations like internal bleeding, falling blood pressure, to name a few.

Better Learning with Augmented Reality Development Services

Explore the mostly uncharted waters of educational AR; have our team make you an app with stark visuals and increase attention retention. Embellish it with a product configurator and lead the online learning pack.

Share your vision with us, and we will make it a reality.



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