Showing record growth over a few years, the Augmented Reality market is estimated to be worth nearly $61 billion by 2023. Needless to say, this advanced technology is here to stay, infiltrating numerous industries, including the training and education sector.

AR technology adds an enhanced layer of interactivity over physical surfaces, making learning more immersive and interactive! Studies show that 70% parents already believe that AR technology has the capability to revolutionize the education system by:

  • Enhancing learning experiences
  • Addressing individual learner needs
  • Assisting educators in creating and delivering content

Let’s look at how AR is set to revamp the conventional learning model:

Edutainment versus Education

AR has been found to be an incredibly effective way in teaching students about advanced technological processes, such as coding and STEM. It makes the learning process faster and more fun especially since students seem to be getting bored with standardized teaching methods.

An AR multi-platform tool, MERGE Cube, for instance, lets teachers create STEM activities and lessons, and implement them in classrooms. It’s also a great way to motivate future developers!

Moreover, students can use Google Sky Map, a handheld planetarium, to take a closer look at constellations, stars and galaxies. 

AR-enabled content makes real life interaction possible. For instance, with AR apps archaeology and history students no longer have to imagine ancient monuments when learning about them; they can now explore what the historical landmarks looked like through a 3D projection of the original architecture.


Offer training in a safe environment

Despite all kinds of precautions, handling dangerous materials and substances can lead to serious injuries and accidents during direct training. AR technology comes to the rescue by allowing students to explore the 3D model of a machine, for instance, before any practical application.

Simplifies abstract and complex concepts

AR technology breathes life into complex subjects by adding interactivity, creativity and engagement to abstract concepts. AR apps can simplify the learning process for both the students and teachers.

Taking into account each student’s learning pace, AR apps can help teachers create personalized learning materials.

Interactive presentations

AR apps can be used to present information to students in a meaningful and memorable way. Med students can visualize the anatomy of a body, or study the lifecycle of certain animals by simply using their gadgets.


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They also give you the opportunity to combine AR with powerful technologies like holographic & large screen interactive displays to create personalized experiences. Additionally, they also offer 3D product configurator development services.

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