Everyone’s talking about Augmented Reality these days. It’s a viral technology buzzword for creators and business owners looking to increase their credibility and profits. What started as games and entertainment has now extraordinary prospects in healthcare, construction, education, and advertising. In fact, this technology will undoubtedly change the way digital marketing functions in the 21st century.

A rising number of companies continue to adopt digital advertisement strategies to reach a wider group of potential customers. There are over 4.5 billion global internet users every year, making digital advertisement a one-stop-solution for marketers.

The global spending on digital marketing by industry leaders was 283 billion in 2018, likely to quadruple in the next few years.

Thanks to qualified augmented reality developers, it has become easier to create catchy AR-based advertisement content. Here’s why AR is a game-changer for advertising.

Producing an Emotional Connection with a Brand

AR apps and website content are highly immersive. As a result, marketers can quickly induce an emotional connection between customers and a company’s products. While pictures and banners serve the information-providing purposes of advertisement, AR ads enable consumers to see and interact with the content in a realistic environment.

For example, a recently released movie can create an AR-based billboard that allows the passers-by to view the movie’s trailer by pointing their smartphone cameras at the board. Engaging AR ads ultimately lead to increased brand awareness as more and more consumers begin to interact with them.

Cost-Effective Advertisement

AR advertisement is sustainable and cost-effective than print advertising. While it depends on how much a company decides to invest in its AR ads’ quality and characteristics, a simple AR app development can cost a business around $5000.

Leading augmented reality experts now allow business marketers to choose between marker-based and location-based AR ads to produce AR content with eye-catching graphics.

Instantly Boosted Sales

AR marketing isn’t strictly restricted to advertisements. Many companies enjoy AR benefits through subtle marketing techniques such as virtual try-on. These methods instantly boost sales and increase consumer interest in a company.

For example, when a potential buyer sees an AR advertisement for sunglasses that allows them to try on glasses virtually, they’re more likely to purchase one that suits them the most right then and there.




If Augmented Reality is not a part of your long-term advertisement plan, you should make the most out of it right now. Let us at Elementals Studio create sophisticated, eye-grabbing ads for your business through our augmented reality app development services. Get in touch with us to request a free quotation today!

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