Are you planning to update your online retail processes with augmented reality features? As well you should! Research has shown that by 2023, the number of mobile AR users worldwide is projected to reach 2.4 billion.

Immersive technology that provides consumers with a lifelike experience of trying out clothes, testing different products, or imagining how they’ll look and feel with a particular item is what they need to boost their buyer confidence. Here’s how AR e-commerce will change the fabric of the market in the upcoming years.

Social Media Filters

AR features, including social media filters, can help you display a new product or service by allowing consumers to test the product through their smartphones. You can use AR filters to show what’s unique about your brand.

Additionally, consumers can make the right decision the first time as these AR features give them convenience and confidence to purchase. For example, if you’re launching a new makeup line, you can create an AR filter on Instagram that lets users try various shades of your lipstick. If they find any they like, they can make an immediate purchase.

AR filters can also boost engagement with your target audience. How? For one thing, using these filters can encourage people to tag you in their Facebook or Snapchat stories while entering a competition.

Preview Setting

Shopping online can often discourage people when they think they need an item, and after purchasing, realize it doesn’t suit their lifestyle. Preview placement can counter this problem and provide your customers with a real-time glance of what an item will look like in their possession.

For example, if you’re selling furniture pieces, AR e-commerce can help your customers visualize how a particular sofa set, coffee table, or bed will look in their home. All they need is a smartphone and app to determine the item’s suitability in their living space.


Virtual Try-On

One of the biggest problems that customers face while shopping online is receiving the wrong product. Understanding what they’re purchasing, how it’ll look, whether they should go for a different item can give them confidence and ensure they’re purchasing the right product the first time around.

By incorporating AR features in e-commerce, customers can try any product they like but are unsure of. Once they’re sure of their purchase, this feature can allow them to ship the items to their doorstep.

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