The scope for augmented reality is reaching far ahead gaming and entertainment and an increasing number of businesses are recognizing the value of augmented reality in their marketing strategies. Moreover, with more widespread awareness about the benefits of augmented reality, it’s imperative to meet user’s demands and needs. Statistics show that the forecasted number of mobile augmented reality users in 2023 will reach a staggering figure of approximately 2.4 billion people.

Businesses and brand developing teams need to keep up with changes and innovations by coming up with the right marketing strategy. There is no doubt that augmented reality has vast and extensive practical applications in major industries including but not limited to healthcare, education, automotive industry, public safety and more.

However, let’s take a look at how the innovative tool can impact the advertising industry and improve outreach to the vast number of users.

It allows brands to make a deeper connection with the target audience

Advertising is not just about relaying relevant information to the end user, but creating a story that audiences can connect to. The more they relate to the experience, the more wiling they will be to invest in a product or service.

AR makes ads more immersive and allows consumers to visualize products in real time, in their own space. It’s also more interactive, which means they’re bound to remember it more than an image frozen in time.


More cost-efficient advertising

Advertising with 3D animation and augmented reality creates a more memorable impact as compared to digital prints.

It also saves your business by significantly reducing the advertising budget spent on printing numerous ads. AR is more accessible and has greater outreach to a target audience as long as they have access to good internet and smartphones.

Research shows that 82% American adults own a smartphone which means that location based and marker based AR ads are the way to go for futuristic business advertisements.

Ideal for hyperlocal advertising

While digital ads are useful in getting the word out, AR advertisements know how to pinpoint to the larger hyperlocal market. This way, businesses learn about more than just the behaviour and interests of their consumers that drives them to make purchases, but they can also work on guiding their customers to making purchases.


We help your business stand out from the crowd with innovative and advanced augmented reality solutions and app development and 3D product configuration services.

We also offer premium integration for ecommerce systems to improve visualization of products and more efficient content management for products. For more information about our services you can contact us today!

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