Online shopping isn’t just a trend anymore. The pandemic has made it an integral part of our lives, and many have embraced it whole-heartedly. Most companies have realized the importance of shifting online in order to avoid foreclosure and to retain healthy relationships with customers.

However, that’s not all. Companies also need to embrace augmented reality solutions to enhance the user experience for their newfound customer base. Augmented reality allows prospective buyers to preview products in real-time before buying them—right from the comfort of their home.

Statistics show that 61% of people who shop online are more likely to make a purchase on a website that implements augmented reality technology. Moreover, 63% say that AR is likely to enhance their overall shopping experience.

Some of the reasons why AR makes such a difference to online shopping is that customers feel a connection to the product because they interact with it, as opposed to simply scrolling through 2D images. It’s also new and invites wonder and excitement by telling a story.

Here are some ways in which augmented reality is changing the way we look at e-commerce.


Preview products prior to purchase

Online shopping is ten times easier when you can see and compare products on one platform. With the option to modify products while previewing them and checking out different colors and styles, it makes it easier to make a decision.

Better visualization

You find something you like online, but you wonder how it’ll look on you or in your room. With AR, though, you don’t have to wonder anymore because you can bring the product home virtually.

AR projects a new reality onto your current one in real-time, and lets you test out clothes, make-up, shoes, and even furniture! You can even take tours of homes you’re interested in buying without ever leaving your home.

Greater engagement leads to more time spent in stores

When customers spend more time interacting with the product, they spend more time on the website. And they don’t just linger, they become curious about other products and want to learn more.

They also get a taste of what an in-store experience is like but don’t have to wait for a sales rep to help them get information. Customers are also less likely to return products because AR leads to higher customer satisfaction with regard to products.

Augmented reality is paving the way for improving the e-commerce industry for years to come. Given the current climate, it’s important as a business to invest in technological innovations that are likely to pay off in the future.

Elementals Studio can help you with that! Our experts can help you with innovative digital solutions and by helping you create immersive 3D content. We specialize in real-time 3D graphics and 3D product configuration development that enhances the customer experience and increase conversion rates significantly.

For more information about our augmented reality app development and 3D product configuration services, get in touch with us today.



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