A study conducted by Vynz Research indicates that the global Augmented and Virtual Reality Market is likely to expand by 48.8% by 2025, reaching approximately $16.1 billion.

AR has been a game-changing tool for businesses looking to make more money using real-time visual experiences. Brands continue to innovate in the AR industry to enhance consumers’ quality of life.

Nevertheless, one might struggle to create relevant and valuable content for their business that boosts engagement, interaction, and increased sales.

Following are some ways to create impeccable AR content for your business to guarantee success.

Teleconference Apps

A healthy workplace environment consists of ample productive collaboration. Similarly, buyers require increased visibility of products to make informed purchase decisions. You can create AR teleconference apps that can help visualize everything from remote locations.

AR teleconference apps let viewers see products from multiple angles, experience services before availing them, view project prototypes, and get in touch with distant colleagues for collaborative work.


3D Graphic Configuration

Digitally savvy customers love a personalized, engaging, and immersive shopping experience, especially if they can do it all from the comfort of their homes. You can integrate 3D product configuration in your business site to facilitate the customer to create their own product with unique features online.

A 3D configurator integration is a perfect way to provide all the product information without the hassle of in-store previews. Your potential buyers can experiment with the products’ variants virtually.

Clear and precise style preferences among consumers will reduce selling time so you can focus on other business-related aspects of your company.


Branded AR Filters

One-third of the most-viewed stories on Instagram are from emerging and established businesses. In fact, more than 200 million Instagram users view at least one business account after being redirected from their stories. It’s safe to say that creating branded Instagram filters for your business should be your go-to social media marketing strategy.


Your company’s AR filter should depict your brand’s values, story, and style. Its tone of voice should be fun and playful enough to forge sustainable customer relationships. Your end goal should be to rise above the noise and create a buzz about your brand through AR technology.

Our augmented reality app developers at Elementals Studio have built many AR applications for some of the world’s leading brands. Choose our AR app development and eCommerce services for AR integration into your business’s marketing strategy. Call us today to find out how our AR app developers can help you make the most out of this innovative technology.


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