As augmented reality (AR) continues to dominate an extensive range of industries, its influence has also seeped into the world of e-commerce. According to research, a whopping 63% of e-commerce customers believe that AR can improve their shopping experience.

And that’s not all. 35% of consumers admit that they’re more likely to shop online if they could virtually try products/services before investing in them.

While you may have leveraged e-commerce SEO to climb SERPs and boost traffic, leaving the realm of AR unexplored could easily hold you back from developing an edge in the e-commerce industry.

We’ve rounded up five benefits of AR in e-commerce to help your business stand out from the crowd and bag impressive sales.

1. Increased Customer Engagement and Retention


AR technology allows online customers to view a product/service in the form of a model. They can easily interact with and closely inspect its features like they would in a physical store.

Whether you sell clothing, cars, footwear, jewelry, or interior accessories, customers can get a feel of your products in advance. This added feature goes a long way in helping them make an informed decision. The outcome? Your e-commerce business will reap the benefits of increased customer engagement and retention.

People are more likely to shop at an online store that allows them to test products/services. Not only will you widen your audience base, but you’ll also compel customers to visit your store again in the future.

It’s simple. People want to get the feel of wearing an expensive tux or sitting in a costly car before they sign the dotted line. By allowing them to try before they buy, you’re automatically improving customer experience and doubling the chances of future sales.

2. Improved Brand Identity and Awareness

Since AR is relatively new, it hasn’t saturated the market yet. This means your e-commerce business is more likely to develop an edge by opting for 3D product configurations.

Incorporating AR into your marketing strategy is a great way to improve brand identity and awareness. While customers can easily purchase the same product from multiple e-commerce platforms, they’re more likely to flock to a store that offers something fresh and exciting.

And what’s more gripping than the opportunity to test a product beforehand?

The engaging visuals and seamless interactivity will help your business establish a winning reputation in your respective industry.

3. Your Products/Services Appear More Compelling


According to a recent study, over 40% of customers said they were willing to pay more for products/services that could be viewed through AR.

Sounds astounding, right? It is. But it also makes perfect sense. AR makes your products/services appear twice as engaging and compelling.

Partnering with a company that creates stunning, immersive, and expertly-designed 3D content can easily make your product/service range appear more buyable.

4. Reduced Shopping Time

Instructional videos on products/services are a long-drawn snooze-fest. And while some e-commerce companies take the initiative to create instructional videos, many leave customers with a 10–page–long manual.

AR reduces shopping time by allowing customers to envision using a product/service within minutes. They can easily familiarize themselves with the features and functionalities without worrying about poring over a tedious document. This helps reduce shopping time and facilitate a purchase.

5. The Elimination of Language Barriers


As the U.S. becomes more cosmopolitan, ensuring understandability has become a priority for e-commerce businesses. Leveraging AR is a great way to eliminate language barriers and let the visuals do all the talking.

You can easily market a wide demographic and maximize sales. As customers engage with rich colors, textures, patterns, and designs, they can virtually experience a product/service in its entirety without being held back by language barriers. You can also look into translating your website alongside leveraging AR to make the process more seamless.

If you’re ready to give your business a much-needed edge, we can help you get started. With years of experience under our belt, we offer state-of-the-art augmented reality services for e-commerce businesses. Whether you require AR app development or 3D product configurations, we can kick-start your project!


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