If you study the global business failure rates today, you’ll find that only 50% of businesses survive during their first five years, while only one-third surpass their 10-year mark of success.

Many factors contribute to business failure. However, their inability to stand out among competitors is one of the leading reasons why businesses run out of demand.

In other words, your company’s success significantly depends on the measures you take to distinguish it from your competitors. While this is a common understanding of business operating basics, many brands fail to implement effective strategies to achieve it.


From employing innovative AR technology to remodeling your overall business operations, there are plenty of ways to differentiate your business from competitors. Here are some tips to get you started.

Deliver a Top-Notch Service

Sometimes all you need is an extraordinary product or service that makes you unique. Making claims of your service being different isn’t enough. You need to strategize a way to deliver a service your customers can’t find anywhere else.

For example, Fleet Feet, the running shoes company, not only sells high-quality shoes, but their representatives assess the way your feet function in their boots by allowing you to run in them in their parking lot. Customers make their final purchase decision according to how the shoes fit and feel. Moreover, the company lets customers return the shoes even after months.

Therefore, map out how your company can provide a service that goes far beyond the conventional practice within your industry.

Employ an Innovative Business Model

Standing out from competitors doesn’t only rely on customer service. The way you run business operations also impacts your business performance. The best way to carry out your business differently is to find and manipulate the holes in your current business model.

For example, if you’re internally sourcing an AR developer for your brand’s AR app development, it might cost you substantial amounts of money. However, working with a third-party Augmented Reality agency can lead to high-quality work at low costs with increased sales, making you stand out from other companies.


Offer a Guarantee

Customers gravitate towards your brand because they trust you, and guarantees are an excellent way to reduce the perceived risk of opting for your service. Efficient return policies and money-back guarantee eliminate hesitation among potential consumers, leading to more sales.

Use Immersive AR Tools

Marketing is an essential feature for business success. Employ the new AR technology for your company’s online and offline visibility. Augmented Reality apps help customers visualize your products, increase foot-traffic to your stores, promote customer engagement, reduces returns, and ultimately lead to customer loyalty.

You can now outsource your company Augmented Reality app development by hiring our Augmented Reality app developers at Elementals Studio. We offer AR features for eCommerce, immersive AR application development and other AR-based services to help your business flourish for decades. Contact us today!

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