Augmented reality is transforming the retail world and lending a significant role to the evolution of the e-commerce platform in 2020. Industry leaders in automation, healthcare, furniture, beauty and fashion and much more are working tirelessly to integrate augmented reality solutions to bump up conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction.

However, it’s just as important for brands to take into consideration the benefits of AR in their marketing strategies. It helps them engage with their target audience in newer and more innovative ways and improve conversion rates for e-commerce businesses.

Here are some reasons you can implement a future-oriented marketing strategy using more sophisticated augmented reality solutions.

Create a more immersive user experience

With AR, brands can focus on not just creating content but letting their target audience engage and interact with the product. Beauty industry leader L’Oreal exhibited this with the use of a custom made app which allowed its users to be able to try on different looks with a variety of hairstyles, make-up and other cosmetics. This allowed their users to not just learn about the product but physically feel like they could adopt the product.

Advertise personalized content

One of the biggest reasons why AR is becoming mandatory in every advertiser’s toolkit is because it offers an experience which is unique to each individual. The core principle of augmented reality is to superimpose an alternate reality and create a digital world within the physical realm of the user. This allows them to view and consume content in their own setting which makes it easier for them to relate to it and understand it.

Reach out to the customer beyond the digital platform

AR helps brands recreate storytelling in a more memorable and enigmatic way. Unlike print media which tends to become stale more often, creating an app with augmented reality is more than just delivering a message. It helps your brand provide the consumer with an experience that makes them feel more connected to the brand and feel like a part of the journey. It also addresses the language barrier by eliminating the need for using single language within a campaign.


AR uses more in-depth analytics to understand the target audience

Understanding consumer behavior is the key to creating a marketing campaign that is relevant to the right demographic and helps them relate to it more. With augmented reality, businesses can benefit from better integrated analytics that offer a window into the mindset of their ideal customer. This allows them to make their AR marketing campaigns more social media friendly as well with better filters and effects.


Elementals Studio is an AR development company and augmented reality app agency that specializes in developing augmented reality for e-commerce. Find out more about our services, and get in touch with us today!


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