The eCommerce industry is an ever-changing and ever-evolving beast, and those looking to gain a competitive edge in the market need to stay updated with the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

According to statistics, an alarming 77.24% of online shoppers abandon their cart without completing a transaction. This indicates that online retailers aren’t doing enough to get customers to follow through with their purchases.

In fact, it’s becoming evident that the modern consumer is growing weary of the traditional retail experience. The average online shopper wants more than to be simply served. They want the physical and digital aspects of online shopping to fit together seamlessly.

An emerging technology that has taken the world by storm, augmented reality (AR) could be the answer eCommerce companies are looking for. Here are 3 ways augmented reality is transforming the eCommerce industry.

3D Product “Holograms”

In the not-so-distant future, consumers will be able to view three–dimensional images of the products they’re looking to purchase. How cool is that?!

In fact, global retail giants, Amazon, have already integrated an AR feature into their app. However, the 3D images of Amazon’s products aren’t true “holograms”—they’re just life-sized projections of the product portrayed through the smartphone cameras of users.

For instance, you can point your smartphone camera at your living room and see how a new couch and table are going to look. The feature even lets you change the placement of the items within AR view.

Virtual Storefronts

It’s worth noting that Amazon’s AR view is one of the very first instances of AR being implemented in eCommerce. It gives us an idea of the technology’s vast potential. In fact, it’s probably not very long before we’re able to view virtual storefronts, and even browse entire shopping malls, right from our homes. Imagine turning your wall into an endless shelf from which you can grab items and view them from every angle to get a better view.

Virtual Customer Service

One aspect of in-store shopping that eCommerce hasn’t been able to offer, as of yet, is the ability to speak face-to-face with a customer service representative. Customer service systems of eCommerce companies have traditionally been little more than emails and telephone conversations. However, that could be about to change very soon. Thanks to AR, online shoppers will soon be able to chat with virtual representations of an agent, which will add a more humanized and personalized touch to customer service systems.


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