A large proportion of consumers are turning into digital buyers, largely because it allows them to shop anytime of the day and from anywhere. If you run an e-commerce business, this means it’s imperative that you devise a convenient shopping experience to ensure growth and expansion.

While swift shipping services and hassle-free returns play a huge role in curating the online experience, integrating innovative digital tools like 3D product configuration is equally important.

Not only does it boost revenues, but it also equips online businesses with the tools they need to overcome a multitude of challenges while creating, marketing, and selling their products and services.

Want to learn how? Here’s what you need to know about the scope of product configurators for e-commerce businesses.


They enhance the customer experience

Customer satisfaction is top priority for businesses, and there are several areas that contribute to boosting it. 3D configurators can help you do so by making it possible for online shoppers to customize their products.

This is done by giving them a base model and the option to choose from a variety of features, such as style, colors, and more. This way, they don’t have to compromise on buying a standard product, as they can visualize their final design in real-time.

Even automotive industry giants like Porsche is giving their clientele the opportunity to configure the car of their dreams. Their visualizer lets customers change the type of wheels, interiors, lights, chassis, and more!

They reduce the number of returns

Configurators help reduce online returns by a staggering 80% by leveraging CPQ solutions. This is because the interactive experience is so thorough, that consumers feel confident when making purchases and are less likely to return the end product.

This technology bridges the gap between the customer’s expectations and reality, and also helps them feel empowered when making purchasing decisions.

E-commerce businesses have to work harder to establish a connection with their customer base, and by allowing them to customize their products, the shopping experience becomes a lot more inclusive.

They help make the sales process more seamless

Since customers invest a significant amount of time in the configurator, they also become familiarized with the product. They receive all the information they need about the product and can make decisions easily without the need to consult a sales rep.

Configurators also allow them to check the product out with a 360-degree view, where they can also zoom into it and examine it closely. This cuts down the time needed to close the sale, leads to faster conversion rates, and at least a 15–30% increase in revenue. Check out our 3D bike configurator to see what visualizing a product will look like.


We can help you with 3D configuration to allow your customers to personalize a product or service. Elementals Studio is geared toward making sure your business stands out from the crowd by helping you create immersive 3D content.

They specialize in real-time 3D graphics and 3D product configuration development that enhances the customer experience.

To find out more about our 3D configuration services, feel free to contact our experts!

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