Despite being in its early stages, augmented reality (AR) has made considerable strides in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, real estate, and retail.

Research shows that AR has increased click-through rates by 33 percent and interaction rates by 20 percent. With thousands of brands advertising online, retention is a significant concern for marketers—AR is helping brands break through the noise and hold the customer’s attention.

Let’s take a look at some unique marketing campaigns that employ augmented reality in business.

1. Visualize Interiors

Decorating a home isn’t easy—even something as seemingly simple as choosing paint can be a challenge. Color swatches are often difficult to differentiate online and can look drastically different in real life.

Understanding the issue, Home Depot launched the Project Color app that shows users exactly what the paint will look like by taking lighting, shadows, and other objects in the room into account. Now, the app also allows users to test furniture in real spaces and see what it looks like in their homes.

2. Virtual Fitting Rooms

Waiting in long queues and taking multiple items inside dressing rooms can often deter people from shopping. Many people prefer to buy products, try them at home, and return them if they’re not up to snuff.

To enhance comfort and convenience, Timberland created a virtual fitting room that allowed shoppers to view different outfits on similarly-sized models.


3. Try-On Makeup

Makeup is one of the hardest products to buy online, especially if you’re looking to make a first-time purchase. Many people want to buy beauty products after trying them in-store.

To meet this gap, Sephora created an augmented reality experience with apps like ModiFace that allow users to test makeup and see how it looks digitally. With this feature, users can see how well certain products suit their skin and face type.

The app also allows consumers to share their experiences and generate word-of-mouth buzz for the brands and their products.


Do you have an innovative AR idea in mind? Get in touch with the experts at Elementals Studio today. Our extensive range of augmented reality services includes 3D product configuration, AR mobile app development, and augmented reality application development.

Browse through our portfolio for inspiration or contact us now for more information.

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