The fashion industry is an incredibly fast-paced business world with fierce competition between brands, creators, designers, and manufacturers. Each clothing and apparel company is looking for ways to create a lasting impact on consumers by helping them express their unique fashion tastes, style, and individualism. As a result, there’s a large pool of buyers attracted to smaller companies that understand their clothing and styling needs.

However, thanks to the Internet of Things, there are some marketing methods that you can always count on. From social media engagement to augmented reality app development, it has become increasingly convenient to reach the target audience without substantial marketing investments.

Read on to learn about three innovative marketing tips for your clothing brand.


Adopting a Consistent Brand Look

With more than a million online and in-store clothing retailers, it’s critical to adopt your brand’s identity to distinguish it from competitors. Your company should have a consistent look and feel that makes your clothes and brand easily recognizable by consumers.

You can use various tools to create a distinctive brand identity, including an attractive logo, unique modeling styles, a catchy tagline, or an outstanding mission value. Remember to incorporate this look across your company’s marketing and advertising channels, including your business’s shopping bags, clothing tags, flyers, magazines, and social media platforms.

Uniqlo is an excellent example of exceptional brand aesthetics. The company has employed a wide range of unique methods to design its store and clothes that consumers no longer have to read its logo or signage to identify the company name.


Sharing & Curating Styling Tips

People always have questions when it comes to clothing, styling, pairing up pieces, and accessorizing. Is denim-on-denim a risky business? Do hoops look great with sweats? What’s the perfect job interview look?

While these questions may seem trivial, they’re undoubtedly a significant part of people’s real-life dilemmas. However, clothing brands are rarely helpful for consumers in such cases.

Your brand’s marketing significantly depends on the content you create for it. It’s safe to say that you can kill it online through your online blog by answering people’s questions and providing helpful fashion tips that people can resort to during wardrobe malfunctions.

Apart from styling and grooming assistance, you can also use your company’s online platforms to set trends and share the latest fashion looks inspired by highly sought-after resources such as Vogue and GQ magazines.

It’s always a great idea to share content and tips that match or complements what your brand offers.


Using Augmented Reality for Tech-Savvy Consumers

Millennials comprise the largest market for most brands, precisely because of how tech-savvy and reliant on digital transformations they are. It’s the perfect opportunity for clothing brands to capitalize on innovative technology such as Augmented Reality to fascinate millennial customers.


The giant fast-fashion company Zara made excellent use of the AR technology by incorporating a virtual fashion show as a part of their in-store displays. It allowed visitors and potential customers to use their phones to see models walking across a superimposed stage wearing the clothing pieces from their latest collection.

Augmented reality for clothing stores is an incredible marketing tool that subtly attracts customers by making clothes shopping convenient and reliable. It’s the ultimate strategy to entice customers to make repeat purchases.


Are you a clothing business looking for interactive and immersive marketing solutions without breaking the bank? Let us at Elementals Studio help you bring your brand to life and skyrocket its sales through our augmented reality app development services. Get in touch with us to learn more today!


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