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Creating innovative interactive solutions using augmented reality since 2008

Modern Augmented Reality (AR) is Marker-less (No printed target is required to activate the AR content) and Widely-accessible (available to almost all iOs devices and millions of Android devices). Google ARCore and Apple ARKit bring together 3D motion tracking with surface recognition.

Augmented reality app development may be used for several things. From designing campaigns and enhancing customer experience at your retail store or headquarters to helping visualise products and services for clients, the options are endless. With a reliable augmented developer by your side, you’ll be able to stand out from your competitors and make a lasting impression on your clients!

Elementals AR Development

See how Augmented Reality Solutions can benefit your business!

What you can use Augmented Reality for:

Product visualisation

  • New ways of interaction

  • Visualise products in real-life size and scale

  • Virtually try on wearables

  • Works outdoors

  • Applications for businesses and consumers

Immersive marketing

  • Use AR for promotional campaigns during special events, holidays, sales

  • Attract user attention with the WOW effect of AR

  • Captivating visual merchandising

  • Bring your store to life with AR

Utility tools

  • Helpful tools to guide and engage customers

  • Precise measurements and area recognition

  • Solutions for your home improvement

  • Augmented reality for enterprise and industrial applications

  • No more markers, no more area limits

You can also combine AR with other powerful

  • Navigation (indoor marker or beacon-based solutions AND outdoor navigation with gps)

  • Artificial Intelligence (image, object and gesture recognition and overlay with AR)

  • E-Commerce platforms (AR Commerce is the next generation of eCommerce)

  • Holographic & Large Screen Interactive Displays

Training with AR

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Augmented reality is no longer just a concept you’d see play out in science-fiction books and movies. Over the last couple of years, the field of augmented reality has gained immense attention and prominence to the point that more and more companies are incorporating AR in their marketing strategies. The technological innovations of previous years have facilitated the growth of augmented reality in business, making it one of the most coveted tools.

Our key areas of expertise


High quality 3D graphics, which is crucial to creating a visually-pleasing and lifelike experience

Not rendered

Real-time interaction with the 3D model, which is essential for user experience in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Low Hardware requirements

Runs on mobile devices, with new advances in technology in areas of AR and VR

We use:

Unity 3D, ARkit, ARCore, Vuforia and other Technologies to get the most out of your AR experience

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Every customer experience will be personalised and interactive

Add value to your business offerings

Track your engagement virtually

Take the guesswork out of e-commerce shopping

Easy Scalability of content investment – AR can handle an almost unlimited number of products and product permutations

It just works! Marker-less AR technology is accessible to most of the mobile devices available in the market today

Operational efficiency – Ability to engage customers at anytime, from anywhere

Show off your product inventory anywhere!

Would you like to apply augmented reality to your business?

Have a look at some businesses already doing this with our help:

Scooter hut AGFA healthcare Bike Config Home AR designer AR jobfair app Automotive AR AR entertainment

Why invest in an Augmented or Virtual Reality solution now?

Revenue from ar is expected to reach 90 billion by 2020*

The future of commerce is rapidly transforming to adapt to the growing popularity of augmented and virtual reality amongst consumers

Very soon, conventional e-commerce solutions will no longer be enough for consumers, who will expect to be able to shop beyond showrooms, and onto both virtual and augmented reality platforms

Future-Ready your business with an AR/VR strategy and start building a library of 3D assets* required to make this transition.

A 3D asset library of all your products is necessary in order to ensure development of augmented and virtual reality commerce solutions, both now and in the future

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Areas of application


Trade Show/Events



Traditional Advertising


Directly on packaging or product

In Store



Education & Training


Facilities Management

Architecture, Design, Prototyping



Why us?

High quality visuals

Specifically optimized for mobile devices. Proven experience with ARKit and ARCore

Experience with

Artificial Intelligence-based image recognition technology and 3D development


Direct relationships with large technology companies such as Google and Lenovo

Marker-less AR

Approach, overcoming previous interactivity limitations tied to its marker-based counterpart

Commitment to innovation

By working with the latest technology and challenge ourselves to explore hardware that are new to the industry

AR e-Commerce platform

Over the years we have developed a powerful platform that can benefit your business using AR

Why choose elementals as your augmented reality developers?

Elementals featured AR apps on Google Play

Elementals showcased augmented reality projects with google, lenovo and intel at ces:

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