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61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer AR technology
Don't lose your customers and let them go with the other product or services when you have the option to get a cost-effective opportunity to grab the attention of the users. Give your customers an opportunity to pick an appropriate product and buy the one that suits them better even before they are paying for it.
How Augmented Reality Can Help Grow Your Business
AR helps to bridge the gap between physical and digital. From enhancing customer experience at your retail store to helping visualize products directly from your clients phones, the options are endless.
Increase customer engagement
Attract new shoppers
Boost conversion rates
Use Augmented reality to view your customized product in your space
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How Ecommerce Businesses Are Using Augmented Reality
Preview placement
If the products are not blending well with the space, it can negatively impact users, so don't let your customers leave just because of this. AR technology lets your e-commerce customers get a real-time glimpse of how the products will look when placing them in a particular space.
Virtual try-on solutions
Whether your customers are buying their favorite clothing, eyeglasses, shoes, or jackets, AR will help online users to understand what they are buying. Even before adding any product to their carts, your users will experience the same while trying to enhance their shopping experience.
Interactive user manuals
Even if you are not sure how to use AR technology for your eCommerce stores, the available users manual will guide your customers throughout the process. Let your customers understand your business even better with the guide that is a lot smarter yet interactive.
Social media filters
Social media filters create the experience even better with the different effects that allow users to create personalized photos or videos. Earlier, these filters were used "just for fun," but they have gained huge popularity and even been adopted by the brands over the years.
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You can also combine AR with other powerfull technologies
Utility Tools
helpful tools to guide and engage customers, precise measurements and directions
Artificial Intelligence
image, object, gesture recognition and overlay with AR
E-Commerce platforms
AR Commerce is the next generation of eCommerce
Immersive marketing
Use AR for promotional campaigns during special events, holidays, sales
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Elementals showcased AR projects with Google, Lenovo and Intel at CES
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AR Development for Commercial Airline
"Meetings were quick to set up, and deliverables were prompt and timely."
The product was high-quality and satisfied all testing requirements. Elementals Studio's team worked diligently to deliver on time and were always available for meetings to discuss the project.
Senior Digital Development Analyst, Singapore Airlines
Vehicle AR Visualizer for Automotive Company
"Their responses were always timely, and you can tell that they have a passion for their work."
The mobile app successfully engaged potential customers, leading to several pre-bookings without seeing the real car. The Elementals Studio team is driven to deliver high-quality solutions through a combination of proactive customer service and extensive familiarity with relevant technologies.
Marketing Executive, Automotive Company
Mobile App Development for Real Estate Management Company
"They were able to create an immersive experience for our users."
Elementals Studio successfully delivered an immersive, feature-rich experience for the client's users, and the solution boasted over 200 active users. Accommodating and receptive to feedback, the team was quick to attend to issues and helpful in suggesting ways to further elevate the app.
Business Launcher, LHN Group